The blog link above is a must read for everyone on either side of a divorce!!! It is someone else’s blog, but I felt it worthy of a reblog.

You just never know who you are talking too and you really ought to wonder how true it is if it is a trash him/her session from anyone.

I know both parties in the divorce spoken of in the above blog, and I can tell you that HE has never spoken and unkind word about his long-over-due-to-be-ex who keeps dragging out the process.

This below is also worth the read.


Weird things happen when you least expect them. For the second time in as many weeks George heard stories about him from two different sources. One source is someone he hasn’t seen in over two years. The other source is someone he has NEVER met.

The first involved his former sister-in-law saying disparaging things about him to one of George’s fellow firefighters. His friend simply told this woman it was none of his (their) business and ended by telling her that in the 15 years he has known George, he has never seen George this happy! (take that!).

The second was when I was volunteering at Krohn Conservatory and took my position at the exit door. About 45 minutes later a young man, all of 16 or 17 years old came to help. As we were working, an employee of City Parks, who manages the green space, came walking through…

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