Shameless Self Promotion

I LOVE what I do,  watching kids and Avon.  But the daycare  side is drawing to a close.  Summer is here and I need to focus on my Avon business to go full time.  It’s what I’ve wanted since I saw the business and earning opportunity that comes from being my own boss.

$10 investment and  I was off to the races making money, selling one of the most familiar names in products.

Now, I’m a national recruiter, stretching my team across the country.

I’m looking for a few things and you, my amazing audience of readers,  can assist.

First,  it is warm weather  and I need a sales boost.  If you haven’t seen an Avon brochure lately, I would  love  for you to take a look via my Avon Online Store.  Just click “Shop my eBrochure” on the right hand side and you can page through the current brochure/catalog.  Avon sells Deet free bug repellent, you won’t be sorry you tried it!

That is the first thing you can do to assist me…buy!  Get on my Avon site and place an order!  Avon has 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can return things if they do not meet your expectations.  But please, if you have ever considered buying from Avon, I would LOVE to be your Avon lady – shop with me from home, pay online and it will be shipped directly to you!  Want to save money on shipping?  If you use the code, 99JUNE1 your order ships for just .99 cents!  If your order is $30 or more, it ships FREE!!!!!!  So please, consider helping a sister out and place an Avon order, spread the word to friends and family too!

Now, second.  Have YOU considered becoming an Avon rep?  It is only $10 to start, nothing more.  No need to stock inventory.  Just $10.  Your first 4 campaigns you will receive 40% commission, and after that you earn 20-50% based on your sales.  Example: Place a $300 order and your commission is 35% earning you $105.  I know just about everyone could use a little extra income.  Or a lot if you chose to work it that way.  Sign up with me,  online, and you will be in my downline, on my team, and I will help you, train you and teach you to build your business. How you say? Just go to Start Avon and use the code MARTIGARDNER and pay the $10 and you will receive your kit  in a few days and then the fun of working for yourself, as a part of my team begins!!!  You have nothing to lose but $10 if it turns out not to be your thing.  But I know you will succeed and LOVE this business.  If for no other reason than the discount you will be able to buy your own Avon for, and really why pay retail?

So,  that dear readers is how you can assist  me,  and at the same time shop sales, and start your own business!  And yes, a few really good men sell Avon too, and they are very successful!

Thanks SO much!

Your Online Avon Lady 🙂


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