Create A Crime Scene: Multi-Task Monday

Over the weekend my Biker and I escaped for some ‘us’ time.  We were multi-tasking, getting some R&R and planning our wedding.  We found the perfect place, picked a weekend and booked the event.  Now all my prayer warriors out  there,  PRAY it is a weekend of gorgeous weather on that September weekend because the wedding is outside and a ride is planned  for the next day since there will be a bunch of bikers present.  The location is beautiful, I am SO excited.

While there that evening, we were enjoying a few beers before retiring for some much needed sleep.  Sitting outside on the deck of the restaurant, enjoying live music, my honey went up and requested a song.  Then, in front of everyone there, pulled me out of my chair to dance.  No dance floor, no one else dancing, just us beside our table, because he felt like dancing with me.  I love this man!!!  The next day made me love him more when he got a taste of that temper that supposedly is why the ex divorced me.  He didn’t get mad, offended, or tell me how terrible I am.  My Biker laughed!  He loved me off that edge but still will laugh if it comes up.  He called me his fire cracker, and just doesn’t see what the big deal is, even when I got pissed off and flipped him off, he still laughed and said I’m down right adorable.  It took very little loving from him to totally defuse my anger and make things all better.  He was so sweet about it that it made  me cry, because he totally understood why I was ticked off but instead of going off on me opted to kiss and hold me.

So today,  I’m multi-tasking my Monday away.  Planning wedding details,  working on my Avon business, doing office manager work for my Biker’s company, baby-sitting, and still managed to create a make-believe crime scene in the bathtub.  In other words, I dyed my hair today.  My roots were starting to get out of hand and it was fading some from so much time in the sun on the back of my baby’s Harley the past 3 weekends.  Trouble is when you dye your hair a deep, reddish brown,  it looks like blood in the shower when you rinse out the color after the specified time for the dye to work it’s magic.  Kinda expect to hear the music from “Psycho” playing in the background.  I may have to purchase this shower curtain, it is cool and would be just quirky enough to fit into our home.