Have I Mentioned I HATE Camping?

You may recall that last October I went camping…for the first time in a few decades.  I grew up traveling this country by way of camp grounds.  I loved it, love the memories, but truly HATE to camp.  The Count convinced me to camp this past October, and it actually wasn’t bad!  However, I had no desire really to do it again, it would simply have been a family tradition of his so I would have gone along.  Thankfully he ditched me.

*Squirrel moment* (that means an ADD driven side thought) – BEST thing the ex-husband, Mr. Wonderful, and the Count did for me was toss me aside.  I’d have not known what it was like to be with The Biker otherwise.  I have landed such an awesome man now. One who has shown me what weak individuals the Count and all others before him.  He encourages me to be ME and loves my very strong personality.

This past weekend I once again found myself on the back of the bike, only this time in the cold and RAIN.  Yes, the Marvelous princess rode in the rain this time, well over 100 miles.  These guys are 1%ers, hardcore bikers, they ride in the rain.  And then…we camped. On the property of another chapter’s club house we pitched tents and campers, and I found out what hypothermia feels like.  It was flipping C-O-L-D despite the blankets etc. and I was sleeping alone until about 5am.  My legs were cramped from cold, especially when I suddenly had to pee.  I nearly gave up trying to pull my boots on to go outside.  When I came back it was no better.

The best part? I HAD A FREAKING BLAST!  Rain and cold, so what? I spent a good deal of time that night hanging in the club house with the other women, and I might have had a few shots.  Actually, okay, I DID, it was anti-freeze you could say, against the coming cold sleeping in a tent.  I got a tad out of control at one point, but my honey didn’t handle it the way old Lord Voldemort would have.  He pulled me aside, and quietly, lovingly, told me that I needed to dial it down a bit, it wasn’t acceptable in the current location.  I was mortified to think I had done anything that would reflect badly on him, darn near cried in fact.  But he was all gentleness and love, reassuring me I was fine, and that any other location I could be crazy like I had been.  Just not here and not now.  The near tears were about more than feeling I disappointed him (which he says not at all) it was also the gentleness of his voice and touch when talking to me.  I am not at all used to that.  He is not a small man, but a very gentle giant, and that much tenderness shown to me took me apart inside.  If you piss him off then heaven help you, but he isn’t easily angered by me at all. In fact he tends to laugh and find my fits entertaining.  Unlike the ex-hubby, I can flip off my Biker and he smiles.  He doesn’t find it insulting or disrespectful because he knows I’m being funny, he thinks I’m cute as hell when I do it, often replying to it with “who loves ya baby?”.

If it calls me ‘Beautiful’ once, he says it a few dozen times a day!

I am soaking it all up like a sponge as one very starved for true love and REAL affection.

Hopefully, we keep this camping  thing to a minimum.

I hate camping.