I’m Grounded :(

My darling baby girl informed me last night that I’m grounded.

She sent me a text while I happened to be out with The Biker, because her mama forgot to take care of something for her this weekend.  I forgot a lot of little details thanks to smacking my head on the pavement.  *NO, dear Biker, it  was NOT the shots of tequila…though they may have contributed to my rather poor dismount  from the back of the bike which resulted in the close encounter with the blacktop.*  She was  not impressed that she  had been left out of the information loop and hadn’t been told of the small concussion over the weekend.  She informed me that I am grounded.  She is so cute and amusing.  I probably SHOULD be grounded as I’m running on fumes at the moment, not acting like I have a brain in  my head.

SO being grounded (yeah, right, and  try pinning down the wind), I guess today I will work on some posts. 🙂  I know you are excited!


  1. For all the possible reasons to be grounded, that sure sounds like a really great one! Im loving that your grabbing life and kissing it boldly on the lips! Fun times!!

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