T.G.I.F. In Zombielane

It is Friday, and I don’t need Martha Stewart to tell me that this is a VERY good thing.  It is bigger than that.

I have not been in bed before midnight all week.  Some nights well after that time.  My alarm clock goes off at 5:20am, which is a rude enough experience when I have had a full 8 hours of sleep.  At least I think so, hard to recall as that hasn’t happened in quite a while. When I’m dead to the world, sleep deprived and running on nothing (I used up the fuel and fumes by Wednesday having entered the week on only a partial tank), it can take an extensive number of hits to the  snooze alarm to surface enough to realize it is regretfully morning.   It was another one of those good things to discover my sister had the coffee maker all ready to roll this morning, because we’d have had serious issues if I had to count out scoops.  We have a Bunn home coffee maker, so no timer, but that beautiful piece of java technology produces a pot of hot,  liquid, wake-up-and-function in under 3 minutes.  I was lucky I could see straight  enough to pour the water in the top.

Speaking of the walking dead, I have officially retired from the Facebook game ZombieLane.  I cannot  do it anymore, it is a sheer waste of my time.  Not that all the games are anything more than time wasters, but this one exceeds that.  On top of it just not holding my interest, my inbox also fills up with emails from my dad, plotting strategy among his team members like he is the General Schwarzkopf of the game.  I just don’t have the  time to devote to it all so it’s been removed and blocked on my Facebook page.

While I’ve neglected my Words With Friends games, I’ve tapped into yet another addictive game.  Draw Something.  It’s like Pictionary for your phone.  My daughter and son play so I downloaded the app last night and connected via my Facebook. OHHHH EEEEMMMMM GEEEEEE!  Half my friends on there are playing this game!  I have 12 games going with friends now. Unreal, crazy, everyone-sucks-at-artistic-ability on this.  I love it. I just wish I had an iPhone now more than EVER!!!!  My Droid is nice but I would prefer the iPhone for this,  among other things. Like having Siri tell me where to bury the bodies so they go undiscovered.  No evidence  trail you know!

I really dislike rainy days so much.  Not only because it is dreary and depressing outside, and makes me want to spend the day in bed, and I don’t have that ability today.  Still working on jacking up my mojo, and nothing brings that back down faster than a gray day.

I’m a tad irritated with Hotmail today.  My account is acting up for some reason.   I can use it find on mobile but not on a computer.  GRRRRRRRRRRR!

I NEED A NAP!!!!!!!