My Thighs Are Screaming Obscenities

Today is day 4 of training for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk on October 27-28th in Charlotte, NC.  Yes I am from Cincinnati but there is not a walk here this year with Avon.  Chicago is closer but that one is in June, not an adequate time frame to train to walk 39 miles.  79 days won’t cut it, I need the 226 to get this couch potato body in shape and ready for that kind of workout.  We walk 26 miles on day one, sleep in little tents in the wellness village, then walk 13 more miles the following day.  I think we’re supposed to drop dead after that, not sure but I know my body may just give up the ghost if I don’t prepare properly.

2 miles so far each day, and my legs would like to disown me and head for another couch.

Part of participating is raising at least $1,800 to be donated to the walk.  My personal goal is $2,500.  The Avon Foundation for Women, that is hosting/sponsoring this walk, has donated over $740 million to this cause since the walks started in 2003.  This cause is very near and dear to my heart so I am determined to raise the funds for it.

One way is through my donation site for the walk, and you can donated directly there and I get credit for the donation:

If you are willing to put this button above on your page, email me so I can send it to you!!

Or you participate in my eParty For AWBC (Avon Walk for Breast Cancer), I am donating all profits from those sales to the event.  This is helpful for those out of town that would like help and purchase Avon at the same time.

The 3rd way you can help is through the Avon Fund Raiser I’m conducting.  If you are local I can provide you with the sheets.  They are sheets for ordering awesome Avon products at a great price.  Like fund raisers conducted for schools or sports teams, only instead of wrapping paper, cookie dough or popcorn/chocolate,  these are products most people need anyway in their home.  Money is collected and the sheet filled out on the reverse side and then the profits from this fund raiser will be donated as well.  If you are local and willing to take a sheet to work or school, or to friends and family, to help me raise this money, contact me! (and yes if your troop, team or youth group needs a fund raiser, contact me, this is a great way for them to raise money!)


  1. Okay honey, maybe it’s just too early on this side of the US for me, but I can’t find your email. Can you please send it to me? I would like to post this on my blog and on my Avon blog if that’s okay.

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