Monday Listicles – 10 Reasons Women Will Always Win

10 Reasons Women Will Always Win

  1. The likelihood of tears getting us out of a speeding ticket is significantly higher.
  2. We just look better in our man’s dress shirt and nothing else than he does.  Slap on some lace top thigh highs and heels and we pretty much rule the world.
  3. If we get drunk and dance on the table tops or the bar, it’s hot.
  4. We never need to go have our backs waxed/shaved.
  5. We can own 2 cats and no one thinks twice.
  6. We get there SO much faster because asking for directions isn’t going to make us less of a woman.
  7. Sooner or later we always can get our way through pouting and nagging.
  8. In the event of an emergency that requires evacuation or lifeboats, we’re first!
  9. In a bar, we never have to have money, free drinks from strange guys are a given.
  10. When all else fails, we have boobs.


  1. LOL. great list. Oh how i wish the crying thing worked for us guys, the money I could have saved. To buy you all drinks of course.

  2. Pretty sure this is BY FAR my favorite list!!! You have all the best wrapped up in the top 10…if there were more numbers no doubt humpmepumps would’ve made your list too???

    • I have never been pulled over! I get this 6th sense when a cop running radar is around and just slow up a bit. Believe me, it isn’t for lack of deserving one!

  3. Perfect! Thanks for the laugh. I never thought about it, but how true is the shirt bit. Men just look dorky with nothing but a shirt on 🙂

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