Wednesday Hodgepodge

I found another great hop/meme recently, so jumping on board and linking up with Joyce, From This Side Of The Pond.  Click the badge above to link up or check out her page. She posts the questions for volume 69 of Wednesday Hodgepodge so here it is:

1. Did March come in like a lion or was it something less ferocious in your neck of the woods?

On March 2nd, it roared in like a lion on crack!  Tornadoes blew in Friday and while we dodged the bullet because they hit all around us (115 miles west, 27 miles south, and 27 miles east) it still rattles my cage when these happen.  And 4 weeks before the start of tornado season in this area.  Then we woke up to a light blanket of snow on Monday.  Go figure.  I’m very hopeful that this is not a sign of the weather to come this spring, I hate storms and very afraid of severe weather.

2.  Speaking of lions, which one’s your film favorite…The Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz), Mufasa (The Lion King), Elsa (Born Free) or Alex (Madagascar). You might notice I left Aslan off the list. Including him would have made this question way too easy for many of you.

My favorite is Mufasa from The Lion King.  I loved the movie over all because I felt like it was a good lesson in doing what is right even when it take us out of our comfort zone.  Sometimes it means having to go back and right apparent wrongs but it is important.

3.  What’s your favorite spot from which to view the sunrise or sunset?

Both from the sands of the beach.  I think the beach is God’s therapy couch for us.  Sitting and listening to the waves hitting the shore is so therapeutic and when you toss in a beautiful sunrise or sunset there is just no way things cannot look so much better.

4.  To what extent is knowledge power and to what extent is truth power? What is the difference?

Knowledge is useless without action.  As a team leader in a direct selling business I see this a lot.  There are so many books, interviews, etc from speakers and authors that can arm my team with all they need to know to be successful, but until they put that into action, it isn’t powerful at all.  I think it applies pretty much to any situation, all the knowledge available us useless until we USE it, then it is very powerful and can change lives.

Truth is critical.  Lies, deceit and fabrication are dangerous.  Truth allows us to make informed decisions.  Truth IS knowledge but again, knowing the truth and not using it renders it worthless.

5.  What is something peculiar you’ve seen recently?

Exploding manhole covers!  I didn’t actually see it in person, but rather on the news this morning, from yesterday in our downtown area.  The story carries a viewer video of one of the explosions.  Very scary really, thankfully no one was driving over the cover when it blew!

6.  Bottle water…your thoughts?

Well, in countries where the water is not well filtered, an excellent idea.  When in Mexico I even brushed my teeth with bottled water (imported from the U.S.).  But locally our water is very well treated and frankly I’m too cheap to spend the money on bottled water.  I will fill a water bottle for convenience when I want to take some with me to walk or driving around because it is healthier than drinking soda, but I don’t make a big deal out of tap water vs. bottled.

7.  What is your strongest sense?

Yikes good question.  Probably my ‘6th sense’.  That gut feeling that often guides us out of trouble.  God? Mother’s intuition? Better judgment? Whatever you want to call it, that is my strongest when I pay attention to it.  It has kept me out of trouble and bad situations when I’ve followed it, and I’ve regretted when I did not.

8.  Insert your own random thought here:

Oatmeal.  Yes that is the random thought that just blew through my brain (it is a rather roomy place lately as I seem to have missed placed much of it as menopause is creeping in).  Thinking old fashioned, cooked on the stove top, oatmeal. Yum!


  1. The beach is God’s therapy couch. I love it! And I agree!!

    I find that I do my best when I listen to my intuition. Even with words! I will have second thoughts and look up a word before I hit send on an email and I had chosen the right one. The things that pop into my head first, do it for a reason! I discovered that even when I’m speaking a foreign language (I speak a little french and a very little Italian) the first thing that comes to mind is usually right. Your gut instincts seldome steer you wrong!

    • Thanks! The next best thing to the sounds of the waves washing away stress is being on a motorcycle. A friend calls it throttle therapy. I know the feeling, the wind in my hair blows away the stress a layer at a time.

  2. Welcome to the Hodgepodge. We have lots of fun here.
    You must live in my neighborhood, because we were close to the tornadoes and also had the snow on Monday. Crazy midwest weather!
    Have a happy Wednesday!

  3. Welcome to the HP! I’m glad you joined in-it was fun to read your answers. I’ve lost a lot of brain matter in the past couple of years courtesy of menopause. Yuck.

    #3-I completely agree!!

  4. I always tell my girls that I have a 6th sense. It’s a feeling I believe that comes from God that tells me things are not quite “right”. Oh, you can’t beat oatmeal for a stick-to-your-ribs kind of breakfast! I’m now following some of your Pinterest boards! Have a terrific day!

    • yep, I believe it comes from God too. Sadly too many times we don’t ‘listen’ to that small voice!

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