The UNdating Diaries ~ Sir Lancelot

It has been awhile since I’ve updated the Dating Diary.  Mostly this is due to it being the year of not dating because I needed more time to work on uncovering me and frankly my heart just cannot handle another break. Instead I am just enjoying life and the many friends I know and love dearly.  Many of my best friends in this world are men.  Men are just different from women, they can have a conversation that doesn’t involve emotions.  Us gals, our emotions have a tendency to influence how we think if we aren’t careful, and even then they still do play some role.  It isn’t a bad thing, we are emotional creatures, it is how God chose to wire us so it’s all good.  But I like hanging with and talking to the male side of our species, they have a different view of life at times, and it is mostly emotion free.

Enter Sir Lancelot, who has become a very dear friend. One I do not intimidate in the least with either my temper, strong will, mind, need to have control or carefree spirit.  My being a strong woman with a strong personality doesn’t bother him one bit.  His personality is every bit as strong as my own, and while he likes to have control of his life, he doesn’t wish to control mine.  He will challenge my thinking at times with questions that make me stop and ponder my views, but doesn’t try to change them.  He isn’t afraid to tell me when I’m just being plain ridiculous, but is able to do that without making me feel stupid.  He also sees that inside the woman who is strong enough to carry the weight of her world, is a scared little girl that wants to simply be loved and accepted for who she is, and protected from the big bad wolf in life when she has no fight left in her.  He knows I don’t want anyone to fight my battles for me, just someone that can bandage my wounds and talk me back down off the cliff.  He is also very aware that at times I’ll not just step off that cliff, I will charge at it and take a flying leap off that edge.  He won’t lecture me, or scold me, but will gently and firmly nudge me back on solid ground and help me see why that dive off of the cliff wasn’t in my best interest.  He accepts that I will make mistakes, he just wants me to learn from them.

Sir Lancelot also feels that Guinevere, while a queen in her own right, needs to be spoiled and pampered like a princess sometimes.  This weekend he took me away so that I could leave all my stress and cares behind me for a while, and just pampered and spoiled me.  I loved it.  I did nothing!  I spent the time sitting on my ample derriere and watched movies while being cooked and fed great food, and attended too like the princess I am.  It was heaven.  And we had some great conversation. My battery is fully charged and I think I can handle what life has to throw at me this week.

No, we are not dating.  I’d have to shut the garden gate if that were the case.  In dating relationships it is not safe, I’ve learned, to be me and let someone see inside me.  Sir Lancelot can roam the garden freely because he doesn’t judge the landscaping, isn’t critical of where I place things or what vegetation I opt to nurture or prune away.  Instead of trying to tie me down, he enjoys sitting under a shady tree and watching me dance with the butterflies in the meadows, ride my unicorn about the garden paths, or soar through the tree tops with the birds.

It is so nice to have a friend who knows what I need even when I am not certain, who has no hidden agenda, he just enjoys seeing me smile. It was so very nice to let my guard down, relax, and just be ME for awhile.

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