Fairy Who?

This has been a really busy, trying week.

First – I’ve changed the 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks to simply Reasons Being Single Rocks.  Not that I cannot come up with 365, there are 365 days in a year, 366 this year, and every day I have a reason why I am glad I am single!  But I don’t always have time to post so it’s better to be able to not keep it to a post a day. But don’t worry I have plenty more coming that will likely exceed 365 as time goes on.

That book, Crazy Time, is awesome!  The more I read the more I see how normal I was throughout the entire process, and how I’m not quite at the end of things just yet.  It has been such a help and supportive to me in my decision to not date this whole year.

My car is…well I don’t know to be honest.  At the moment a choice selection of obscenities comes to mind but that won’t fix anything.  And I’m no mechanic.  Seeings as how the ex husband released me to move on to another opportunity*, and I have no desire any longer to pursue another opportunity, my car is going to be sitting there for a bit.  I have no idea what is wrong with it and don’t really have time or the funds at the moment to mess with it.

The auto issue IS a sticky one, as I was about to start working part time an evening or two a week for a friend in their office catching up their filing that is well very behind and some other miscellaneous office work.  As I lack the transportation to get there…yeah. FAIL!  However this simply means the Lord has something better in mind for me so I’m thanking Him now for that lost opportunity and waiting on what He has in store.

Meanwhile I’m waiting for my fangs to grow.  I am having such a difficult time with sleep lately.  I go to bed exhausted, sleep deep, then wake up a few hours later, in the middle of the night, and cannot get back to sleep.  When I finally do drift off I’m not snoozing deeply and wake up over and over every 20 minutes or so.  My sister-in-law, Trina, refers to these as our vampire phases.  If I’m going to go through a vampire phase, then I want my fangs and the very cool, sexy black clothing.  It’s only fair.

My “One Word” for this year is JOY.  Finding JOY in all things, God first and every person and situation in my life.  Believe it or not, I just kinda rolled with it when the car became an issue.  WOW, really? Okay whatever, next!  I amaze even myself at the way I am rolling with the punches.

I signed a new recruit today, that excited me a great deal.  My goal is to have 100 in my first generation of my down-line by the end of this year.  I currently have 14 with this recruit.  28 total in my 3 generations but I want 100 in the first.  It means I have a lot of work to do.  I need to sign 5 recruits per campaign between now and the end of the year, and really more than that as some will drop off.  SO if you are thinking about becoming an Avon representative, now is a great time to contact me!  Even if you are not in the area, I can still sign you up on my team and train you no matter where you are, thanks to technology!

My son is getting married in just over a month, I still have to find a dress (don’t panic anyone, can you say resale shop or rental? yes I mean that).  I have to fund half of the rehearsal dinner too, a little more difficult as I have no sugar daddy but I’ll manage it.  Meanwhile feel free to help a sister out and buy some Avon!  Seriously it does help me a lot.  If you are local (within the 275 loop) I’ll gladly deliver!  Others enjoy the opportunity to shop with me online!  Your business is very much appreciated. 🙂

Has anyone seen my Fairy God-Mother?  She is obviously incompetent and I have her pink slip waiting for her.

Guess if I want something done right, I’m going to have to slap on my tiara and wings and go do it myself! 😉

*I must thank my Avon idol, Lisa Wilber, for that description of divorce, it cracks me up and sounds so much nicer than saying that the *&^%$# booted this princess from the castle.


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