Big Mouth, Little Mouth, Sushi Monster

I am probably the only person I know who has not tried sushi.  Never really had any desire or interest to eat it, mostly because I’m really anal about being able to identify what I am looking at on my plate prior to it going from fork to mouth.  Or in this case chopsticks to tongue.  Until today.  Today I received a text from my daughter wanting to know what I was doing, if I had eaten lunch, and if not would I want to run out and have lunch, her treat.  I don’t often turn down a free meal if it is close to home.

She took me to a Thai and Asian place nearby for sushi.  She did ask ahead of time if I’d be willing to try it, and today she caught me in my more adventurous mode where food is concerned.  I broadened my horizons and said sure why not.  I do pride myself in being willing to step out of my comfort zone from time to time and try something new.  I have rules for food, like I won’t consume anything that is staring back at me or looks like it can get up and leave my plate all on its own.  The Super Hero introduced me to frog legs, which in my defense the little legs don’t look like they can leave the plate as they are no longer connected to the frog.  I admit that one was a bit tough to keep the stomach from lurching as the brain tried to think about anything but what I was chewing on.  Yes, they DO taste  like chicken, though a bit more rubbery.  However I did like them.  Mr. Wonderful introduced me to goat curry and that was also rather tasty, not to mention easier to get in my mouth as it looked a lot like pork.

Sushi is just confusing to me, SO many choices and I’m a total newbie to this so my daughter did the ordering for us both.  Then she showed me how to use the chop sticks while we waited.  That was fun!  And I was able to master it well enough not to drop my food into the little dishes of soy sauce, so no splash disasters.  I did get a bit carried away though playing with the sticks, chasing the air like a monster, spreading the chopsticks saying “big mouth” then putting them closer and saying “little mouth”, making her laugh and nearly choke on her food.  Bad mommy.  🙂

I cannot say I thought it was all outstanding, but some, a Yum Yum roll, was pretty good.  The California roll was tasty too, and the Shrimp Tempura.   I’ll eat it again and expand my sushi horizons into other rolls as time goes on.  It was a fun time with my baby girl, and another great memory together.

Our sushi lunch


  1. Well I’m almost 46 yrs old and I’ve never tried Sushi lol. My daughter has begged me to try hers before, but I just can’t do it. So congrats, you are brave!-

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