In A Sideways Funk Friday

I am in a funk, a marvelously confusing funk at that.

I’m not in a bad mood or a bad place.  I’m just stuck, in a rut.  It is one of those times that I have a thousand things I want to do but just cannot settle on any one thing.  ADD much?  I guess I need more caffeine so my brain can settle down some.  At least that is what I’ve read (sorry cannot locate the link anymore), that people that consume a lot of coffee are likely adults with ADD, as the stimulant in the coffee has the same type of affect on them as the meds used by kids.  Makes perfect sense  to me!  It certainly never keeps me awake, full pot down and I can sleep like a baby.  I’m not in the mood for more coffee at the moment.  Or anything to drink for that matter.  *sigh*

None of the games I play on Facebook are holding my attention.  Bingo Blitz, Bingo Bash, Words With Friends, Farkle…nothing.  No desire to start any new ones either.  My farm is likely over grown and the livestock is probably all dead in Farmville, haven’t been there in months.

I have 8 different crochet projects, 4 of which I haven’t started, and I cannot even begin to figure out which one I want to do.  3 are sitting here next to me….just sitting there calling to me and I want to grab a hook and then again I don’t.

It isn’t just what I need or want to do as far as activities, it is food today too.  Nothing appeals to me and yet everything sounds good at the same time.  I know, it’s crazy.

There are no less than 700 topics in my list to blog about, but I cannot settle in on a single one 😦

I’m one hot confusing mess today.  The only truly decisive thing I did today was make the bed.  I’m really OCD about that.  As for anything/everything else? I’m totally sideways today.

Restless yet calm.

In a funk.


  1. I hate when I have days like that. I get them every so often… and usually I get sidetracked by the kids … so they make my choices for me!!!! Have a great weekend.

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