Wear Beige & Be Quiet

In 70 short days (very short as there is still so much to accomplish by then personally), my son is getting married.  I will gain a fantastic young woman as my daughter-in-law.  And trust me I know she is fantastic, I watched her growing up.  I was her Sunday School teacher, youth leader etc for years.  She grew up with my son, as friends and periodic irritants to each other as kids and teenagers will be and do.  I love her to pieces, this makes me very happy.  I will also gain an adorable granddaughter, she is a spunky little red headed 6 year old that wrapped me around her little finger long ago, before the two love birds realized they were in love.

On Christmas Eve I was chatting with one of my relatives, my mom’s cousin Babs, about the wedding and being the mother-of-the-groom.  She shared her experiences, as she has sons, and how her mother told her that the role of the mom of the groom is to wear beige and be quiet.  We got a huge laugh out of that, as no woman in this family knows what it means to be quiet.  The fact that I am a rather openly opinionated (openly in that I will share it before you have time to process that you do or do not want my opinion) female is genetic.  And there is NOTHING quiet about my family.

So, it is now become somewhat of a running joke that I have to get that beige dress, and a roll of duct tape to keep me quiet.  My ex will tell  you that it will take a hell of a lot more than duct tape to shut me up.  Some would say that when I die and they bury me, if you put your ear to the ground, some 6 feet below you will still hear my mouth running.  I’m rather proud of that too.  Hey, we all have our areas of over achievement. Add to that the ex will not only be there with his new woman (who by the way, I think rocks and I like her – not bad since I haven’t even met her), my ex is the best man!  My son is no dummy, the best man for the job is the man that raised him.  Bravo on the choice kiddo, you couldn’t have picked a better person for that role.

I have not purchased the dress yet, as I’m working off the weight, and I’m not about to find a dress that is matronly. It just isn’t me.  I will not likely buy it at a place the typically sells mother-of-the-groom attire.  Oh not to worry, it will be tasteful, cover my tattoos, and will compliment the dress that will be worn by the bride’s mother and the wedding party.  But it won’t be beige.

When it comes to being quiet…well it isn’t my wedding.  If asked I gladly will share my thoughts, but this day is all about my son and his bride and whatever they want if it is in my power to help ensure it, I will do that.  But I will have fun, will very much enjoy myself at this event, and without getting tanked or dancing on tables with a lamp shade on my head.  (I do believe that was a number of sighs of relief I just heard)


  1. Not that I ever asked her to, but I will say that my MIL wore a beautiful beige dress and didn’t create any drama at my wedding – when there was potential for it – and I was extremely grateful for that. My completely out of place and unasked for opinion – I know when asked to be anyone other than who they are – the women in our family tend to come out swinging in even brighter colors than usual. Karmically flipping the bird at anyone who thinks we might not be good enough (whatever that means) to fill a particular role. In this case – fight the DNA. You’re elegant and beautiful just as you are, and who you are is perfect for being your son’s mother.

    • Thanks cousin! Thankfully the bride is wonderful and doesn’t care what I chose to wear and just left here after sharing some info with me and asking me to help my son pick the song for the mother/son dance. She is a gem!

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