Dear Future Husband ~ More You Need To Know

Dear Future Husband,

If you are smart, and I am certain you are because I won’t marry you if you are not, you have read the other two letters I’ve written you in the section of my blog entitled Letters To My Future Husband.  If you have not read these might I suggest you do, because these things are NOT up for debate and not really all that negotiable.   Here are additions to the prior letters, pay attention.

How you treat your mother will tell me a lot about what I can expect to be treated like.  Someone told me that once that if you want to know how a man will treat you, observe how he treats the most important, first woman of his life, his mom.  If you talk down to her, are easily irritated and short with her when she annoys you, then odds are good that is how you will treat me.  Sorry darling, you are not for me in this case as you can bet your bottom dollar I will annoy you just as you will annoy me!  If you get snotty or mean tempered with me, you can count on it being dished right back at you and that is never going to work.

If you are too controlling, I’m not your girl.  I am a free spirit and refuse to be caged or boxed up by anyone ever again.  As stated in my other letter, I put pink in my hair, I like my ink and plan to have more.  I might even dye my hair black cherry because I happen to want too.  If that is my desire, please remember, it is MY hair to do with as I please.  And I will, you can bank on that.

My blog is my therapy and outlet, be thankful because it is free and a shrink is not.  Sometimes I vent, sometimes I share happy things, sometimes I pour out my heart when it is hurting.  It is NOT a damn diary.  And it is not your blog so you may not dictate to me what I can and cannot post.  You may certainly ask me not to post certain things and I will give that consideration, but in the end only I determine what is written about on this page. If you cannot live with that, there is the door sweetheart don’t let it hit you in the tail on your way  out.  I am an open book, I share too much at times, tough.  Get over it.  Look at it this way, if you want to know where my head and heart are, you can always read my blog.

I will not settle for a man that is not a believer and church attendee.  That means you read your Bible.  Daily.  And you know how to love your wife as Christ loved His church…not perfectly of course but you get it.  Might I suggest you read the book Love And Respect – by Emerson Eggerichs.  It’s a good start.

Do not ever tell me what I can post on my Facebook.  It is also MINE and I will post, repost, share etc whatever I wish.

If I commit to you, you will have my trust, faithfulness, support and heart.  I expect the same from you, 100%.  This is a two way street.  I will never again forgive unfaithfulness, so think really hard about what you will be losing before you make that mistake because you will lose me.

Do not ever expect me to read your mind or mood.  If you have a problem with me for crying out loud tell me.  I’m a reasonable woman, and if I screw up and you can show me without acting like a horse’s ass or through a knee jerk reaction (oh like maybe deleting me off your Facebook without an explanation) you will find I am very quick to right my wrongs.  However if you piss me off or hurt my feelings, I not only am most unlikely to right it, I am likely to shut you out of my heart and life entirely.

My heart is fragile and not quick to trust anyone.  I have some mighty thick walls built around it.  Inside it is a garden and if you are given access to my heart you best treat it with love and tenderness.  I cannot handle having it broken again so the first crack you put in it may very well be your last.  No man yet has shown  me that he can be trusted with it without breaking it, causing the wall around it to get thicker and more secure.

I don’t cry easily anymore, so if you hurt me to the point of tears, you blew it.  Brace yourself it will be a long wait for me to open up to you again.

That’s all for now my love,