In Due Time, The Gloves WILL Come Off

If you want a BIGGER the BIGGER person. There is no more fabulous view than the one from the high road. ~ The Single Woman

That quote is very true, the high road does indeed have  the most  fabulous view.  No doubt this is because we rise above our bitterness, anger, hatred and other negatives that blind us not only from the truth, but from being who  we  could be.

The high road is the more difficult road to take in life.    Lately I’m walking on the high road, but with great difficulty.  What I really want to do is yank the self imposed gloves off and really just lash out and let you know what I think of you!  Should I remove the gloves, there is also a leash that has been put on the family pit-bull.  Out of respect I’ve not chewed through that leash, but the day is coming,  and not  that far  down the road now.  Instead,  like a guard dog behind a fence, I am pacing back and forth.  I see you, I’m watching you, and I will get free one day and then beware.  Perhaps I should publish every careless word that was sent, every lie told, that the  truth might be known.

That truth…that you are not the victim you play yourself to be.  No, you are no angel,  no victim at all.  You are a dark, mean, bitter soul.  Not the person I thought for a very long time.  Not one of character and grace, upstanding and honest.  Your integrity is non-existant.  The accusations you have made, while indeed true in some cases….well pot, meet kettle as they say.  You’re no better as it is now known and in due time will be known by all.  You point your finger and cry “foul” while 3 of your fingers point back at you.

The Karma bus that you’ve attempted to drive yourself, is coming for you.  When it rolls  over  you,  and the truth exposed, you’ll be lucky if anyone reaches out to help you.  If only they all really knew, huh? Your real  thoughts of them, your real feelings, and that they are but all pawns in a game you won’t win.  Good always wins over evil, and you are indeed very evil.  It is just sad that so many will be hit and rolled over by that Karma bus, yet they deserve it when it does finally run them down.  So much truth is now in the proper hands, and sadly all the wicked queen’s hench men and women will fall with her.  To think someone struggles with that, because his heart  really is very good, and it will pain him more than those under the wheels, when the Karma bus runs  them over.

I know that you come here, and come to my Twitter.  It is why I leave them open.  Keep laughing and reading,  because  I will have the last laugh.  He is too good a person to laugh but not me.  No, I will laugh again and again.

I know  that the song wasn’t about this, but these words are oh so applicable…

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you

Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
I’ll be watching you


  1. Woe be unto her.. Such a shame tho, that so many others are involved. And I agree…both the best and worst in life bring out Marti’s most marvelous writings:) (I had the same original thought as Cinnamon…shame on me!

    Keep up the good fight,

  2. When you reach your “enough is enough” level, Marti, you do some of your best writing.

    Not that I would wish that upon you, but your writing level does kick it up a notch when you are put in that bad spot.

    Note to self….Never get on the wrong side of the fence with Marvi Marti.

    Keep your Karma pointed in the right direction. Peace out.

  3. then I apolgize for my evil thoughts directed toward another. NOT. I’m sure I’ve missed an opportunity to direct the “death ray” in that other direction from time to time lately. But from the pictures I’ve seen, good ol’ Mom Nature is taking care of that one ! LOL

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