30 Things I’m Thankful For

It has been harder than I thought to keep up with daily posts, I’m just TOO busy. So, instead of a daily post I’m going to list 30 things I am thankful for this year.  As time allows I may post an individual post of something that strikes me on a particular day.


  1. Time alone, in quiet, with my Bible and God, just meditating on His Word and feeling His presence.
  2. God’s mercy and grace, undeserved but given through faith in Christ. I’m blessed beyond measure.
  3. My kids – both are amazing adults, with drive, ambition, fantastic senses of humor and just good hearted people.  I love them both with all my heart.
  4. My Divas – Mom, Boo, Sarah and Jeanne – surrounding my life with love, laughter and fun.
  5. My brothers – A lifetime of memories, especially the growing up years of riding pillows down a flight of steps and such insanity.
  6. Angie – she came into our lives last Thanksgiving at a time of unrest in my family.  I didn’t want to like her, but that wasn’t her fault.  Instead I love her to pieces for the love, joy and laughter she not only brings to my life, but my brother and his children’s lives.  She is an amazing woman!
  7. The Count – aka Steve.  Proof that someone can love me, want me all to himself, treat me like a lady and do so many little things to let me know how much I’m loved.
  8. The Halloween camping trip with the Count – brought back childhood memories, and made some wonderful new ones with him and his family.
  9. Pixel Kitten – my cat is a blast and I just love her.  I rescued her but she rescued my heart when it most needed to heal by loving someone that needed me.
  10. Dirty diapers, runny noses, whiny, hungry, needing attention kids – without them I’d be looking for work! 🙂  They keep me very busy but laughing all day.
  11. AVON – my business is starting to snow ball and take off, hanging on for the ride and loving it!
  12. My electric blanket – nothing says “I don’t want to get out of this bed” like the warmth surrounding me thanks to my blanket.
  13. My pink Snuggie – It keeps me nice and warm when reading or watching TV at night when I am curled up on my bed against the pillows.
  14. Every tear I’ve shed in the past year.  Each one just made me that much stronger, that much more determined.
  15. Getting laid off again, and the company that went under, both paving the way for me to work at home as I had dreamed of doing…I just never considered that childcare IS working and doing it at home!
  16. Coffee – nothing smells so wonderful first thing in the morning.  So simple and yet so priceless to me each day.
  17. Friends who have my back, that know the real me and take up for me when others do not, and aren’t afraid to tell me what I NEED to hear rather than what I might want to hear.
  18. Reading – I am thankful that I read well, always have.  Mom fostered the love of reading in me.   I’m thankful for TIME to read too!
  19. Attitude – mine is always positive, I see the glass half full and a silver lining in every cloud.  Sometimes it takes a bit longer than others, but I’m thankful for my positive attitude.
  20. My sense of humor – it gets me through so many situations where crying is often the only other option to laughing. Like baby blow out diapers up to their cute arm pits. You just have to laugh.
  21. My Kindle – Everywhere I go, no matter what I am doing, I have hundreds of books, Facebook and Twitter at my fingertips.  It feeds my love of reading!
  22. The Avon delivery truck arriving – it means I am making money!  The  more boxes the better 🙂
  23. Days spent with Steve..doesn’t matter if we’re out  to a movie, shopping, or sitting talking over dinner, just as long as we’re together.
  24. Those unexpected times he wraps his hand around mine,  holding it as we are out and  about or in the  truck headed somewhere.
  25. “I’m coming to see you” texts from my daughter and her unexpected visit.  Makes my day!
  26. Texts in the middle of my day, just simple 3 letter ones, “ILU” that let me know someone loves me and is thinking of me.
  27. Every little ache and pain from the arthritis  that keeps getting worse with the weather – it lets me know I alive and  moving!
  28. Those songs that come on the radio that lift the spirit and soul, reminding me that God is in His heaven and all is right  in my  world even when  it might  not  seem so!
  29. KLOVE radio that plays those  awesome songs!
  30. Those last moments at night when I’m snuggled in my bed, hearing sounds faintly drifting up the stairs and down the hallway that remind me I am safe, secure and surrounded by the love of the women in my family that share my joys and sorrows each day.

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