30 Days Of Thankfulness ~ Day 4

TheSingleWoman™ ~  Toxic people pollute everything around them. It’s not only okay to remove them from your life..it’s necessary.

OH such a very true statement that is!  My life has been infiltrated by a few toxic folks over time.  Some were just negative, others annoying and depressing, and still others out right damaging.

Negative people are like cement shoes around your feet in a smelly swamp.  They weigh you down, pulling you into the stagnant waters of their miserable attitudes and personalities.  No matter what there is good about someone or something, they find only the negative to capitalize on.  In some cases it is jealousy driven, no one else can be seen as pretty, sexy or as handsome as them.  Evil Queen syndrome, like from Snow White, they believe their ‘magic mirror’ ego that they are the most beautiful in the land when in fact they are nothing but covered in negative warts of ugliness. Gossip, lies and attacks are all they know, and if they do seem to be nice, it is about them, not you.  You are only worthy of their praise until they no longer have use for you.  They find fault in your ability to be happy in the worst of situations, because they are not happy people.  They suck you in to their misery and taint your view of others and often yourself.

Annoying and depressed people are harmless for the most part but they still are a drain on the emotions and mind.  Usually they are very needy types that suck your good will dry when you try to lend an ear or a helping hand.  If something bad happens to them, they are stuck there for years, unable to move forward even with professional help and drugs.  They are miserable and want someone to pay for their misery, their inability to just get over things and move on with their lives.  They cannot see that even if wronged, their reaction to their situations and choice to nurture and feed their hurt is making them sick, emotionally and mentally.  They try to sway others to their view, even concocting elaborate lies if necessary.  Infected boils on the happiness of others, they need to go!

The damaging types can be controlling, or abusive though mostly with their words sometimes it goes physical.  They can never tell you anything you do right, just what you do wrong.  You are to blame for everything wrong with them, from their temper to how they treat you.  There is no taking responsibility for their actions or reactions.  Before long you have compromised yourself and your self esteem to please them.

I’ve known toxic people of each type, but removing them is harder for someone like me.  I’m entirely too forgiving, I try hard to see the good in people and make excuses for their bad or lame behavior.  I’ve stayed in relationships long after I should have chosen to exit stage left and run like hell because I have a desire to make things right and hate that anyone is angry with me or finds fault in me.

Thankfully, 3 of the most toxic people in my life made the choice to remove themselves from my sphere of existence, and it was on the level of having cancerous tumors removed!  It wasn’t until after they were gone and I had time to heal from the broken relationship and friendships that I realized just how ‘ill’ I had become by their poisonous presence in my life.

I never thought the day would come, but I am ever so thankful now for the persons in my life that were toxic and chose to leave me behind them and move on.  They did for me what I was unable to do for myself because I allowed my love for them the cloud my common sense and level headed thinking.