If Life Is A Box Of Chocolates, I Prefer To Package My Own

Unless you have lived under a rock most of your life, you’ve probably heard the popular quote from the movie, Forrest Gump, “My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.””  I suppose that on SOME levels that can be true if we chose to lead a passive life allowing the winds of circumstances to steer our ship.  That isn’t for me, I need more control over my journey.  Not to mention, if you are going to splurge on chocolates, buy the pricey kind, like Esther Price (love those!), that happen to have a cheat sheet telling you what is inside the various kinds of chocolates in the box!

I refuse to be a survivor in life, allowing things to just happen.  I’m a warrior, I fight against things that get in the way of my end goals.  I prefer to steer my own ship, thank you very much, and I do NOT care for guessing what is inside the chocolates in my box  of life.  Too often what looks tasty is flat-out disappointing.  My life has been full of situations that didn’t go as I would have liked, and little by little I’ve learned that if I want something in life, I can either gamble and take a lot of bites from truffles of chance, or I can plot and plan and fill the box of  life with chocolates I prepare.

Forrest Gump is full of simple wisdom, but this is one time I’m not accepting it.  Sure, I can open the box and start eating willy nilly whatever looks good and hope I bite into something scrumptious , and things may or may not turn out the way I’d like, but my odds are greatly increased  if I follow a recipe and set goals, write them down, make a plan to achieve them, then act on those plans.  I don’t care to sample all the bon bons in search of what I want.  I’d rather stop wasting time and start making and packaging my own, filling my life’s box with delicious choices I select!  To do this I have to follow the recipe.

I will succeed in my goals, and be a top seller with Avon.  I research and study what others have tried who are at the top, and I am incorporating those things.  Their ideas have spawned several of my own, and helped me locate opportunities for sales and recruiting.  I refuse to give up.  I will succeed!

Remember my name, you’ll be hearing it in rich and famous of Avon one day soon!

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