Hump Day Happenings

I  know I know, where is Wine & Cheese?  I’ve been trying to get myself back into the routine but there is just nothing routine about my life of late, so blogging is taking a bit of a back seat.  I promise, I’ll work on that!

I’ve had a few emails here and on Facebook wanting reports about how my camping experience turned out, so I suppose I should point out the obvious in that I am still here, alive and kicking so I survived!  No bears ate me, no sudden death from a snake or spider bite, or allergic reaction to a bee sting that didn’t occur.  Nothing bad to report at all!  I had a blast to be completely honest, so much so that it kinda scares me.  Me, the Taurean, who loves creature comforts (not to be mistaken with EXPENSIVE, that isn’t it at all we just like comfort and things), slept in a tent, on a futon mattress, covered with a sheet and used a thick blanket for warmth (and snuggled up to The Count), managed to brave some dang chilly nights and lived to tell about it.  Coffee in the tent in the morning before crawling out of bed to shower in a shower house (yes with daddy long leggers and wearing my knock-off crocs instead of flip flops), walking 6 camp sites to the bathroom, cooking metts on a stick over the fire…yes I really did have FUN!  His family is great, reminds me much of my own.

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That was Thursday through Sunday.  The rest of my life is totally occupied with my daycare job by day, and my Avon business both during the day (nap time, Backyardigan’s toddler crack, etc) and working that in the evenings too.  I’ve spent a good deal of time reading some great books that are really helping me get focused and on track.  I figure if my Avon idol, Lisa Wilber, can go from no job and living in a trailer park, to making $300k a year being the Avon Lady, then I can make a fairly decent living doing it while changing diapers on wee ones.  I spend a lot of time writing up the blog for that on my Avon blog page, sending daily inspiration blogs (rep-peps) to my downline, preparing brochures and distributing them, etc etc etc.  Time consuming without a doubt, but also a blast!  I made Unit Leader last campaign which was all the motivation I needed to step it up and start working harder.  I’ve written my goals as the one book suggests, and I check them daily and grade myself.  Mark my words, I will succeed.   If you are a fan of mine please, if you like Avon, help a sister out and go to my site, click ‘shop ebrochure’ on the right hand side and have a look at the current catalog right there in living color.  If you order and spend at least $10 before midnight on 10/21/11 the shipping is free (see the ad in the center of my page for the code).  Spread the word, this isn’t your grandma’s Avon, you can order from anywhere and have it shipped to you directly when you pay online.  Need some extra income? Sign up to be on my team, no territories  anymore, sell to anyone!  It isn’t your mother’s Avon either, much better.  I even do fund raiser cards where I donate a percentage to your organization whenever someone uses the card or mentions it.  If you are interested get with me I will fill you in.

So you see, when I’m not wiping noses, changing diapers, getting breakfast, lunch or snacks, watching over homework, getting plastic tomato slices out of the toy toaster, flipping laundry, and all that domestic and daycare stuff, I’m pushing vanity crack.  But I need to be here some days, writing.  My favorite therapy.  I just need some good, deep stuff to think about then write!


  1. Dear Marti,

    I declare you totally healed from all the shitty happenings of 2010. Your blog has quite nicely evolved from your days at the gates of Hell to your Avon financial freedom plan to your joy with The Count.

    May you continue down a blessed life trail as you have shown an amazing ability to adapt, improvise, and overcome the hurdles of life.

    All the best,

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