Monday Memos ~ From Aboard The Ark

Okay slight exaggeration but it IS raining, dreary and wet here.  Every creek I passed was up to the top, ready to spill over it’s banks and rushing and churning.

As much as 5 inches of rain fell last night…in other words TOO much.

Thankfully it seems to have stopped raining.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Dear Count,

Thank you for another fantastic day.  I love history and historical places.  Touring a WWII Navy ship was indeed a neat way to spend a day.  I enjoyed the knowledge you shared from your own 8 years of experience in the Navy.  Every minute I spend with you is a treasure, you always make me feel very special. I’m looking forward to going back to Aurora next weekend to tour the mansion.



~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Dear Son,

I love you bunches, and nothing would be more relaxing than sitting around the fire pit with you, your fiance, your little sister and some beer.  However, not sure dear old daddy is ready to have me in his backyard hanging with the kids. Face it, I will need to use the bathroom at some point and I don’t think he is real comfy with me being in his house when he is not there. It is a respect thing so for now let’s not push his comfort zone.  But thanks for inviting me, that alone made me warm inside. You’re the best!



~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Dear Colts,

I get that a huge part of your offense was Peyton Manning. But really, the team is far more than him.  Nice job keeping the score from being a complete humiliation at the hands of the Steelers, but let’s pull this together and get serious, time for a win.


A new fan

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Dear Bengals,

tough luck….NOT!  Was not at all sorry to see you lose yesterday.

A former fan

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Dear Writer’s Block,

Take a hike already!  I NEED the therapy of writing and you are not helping me one bit.  Be gone, go plug up someone else’s creative channels for a bit.



  1. A-HA!! I knew I’d find a flaw in the Count. Navy. Tsk Tsk. Just kidding. Tell the ol swabbie that this wingnut thanks him for his service.

    The rain has just begun down here in the sunshine state. But we need some. Just hope we don’t get as much as you guys got.

    Happy Monday !

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