Saturday Morning Coffee Musings

Today has started off great.  3 of us Divas met up with a fellow Avon lady and good friend for breakfast.  2 hours of laughing, sharing and brain storming, my kind of morning meeting!  I went to the credit union after and now I’m in front of my computer pouring over blogs and Facebook, soaking in the ideas while inwardly motivating myself.  Scary, I know.

One of the blogs I read is by Lisa Wilber, my Avon idol.  She started out in the trailer park, she is a millionaire now.  Yes, she is lipstick diva, she sells vanity crack, like I do, but she has a 6 figure income and gets to travel the world.  All because she believed in herself.  I  was reading her one blog post, Motivational vs. Instructional, and realized that part of my problem in life has been I didn’t ever believe in myself, in my own ability to succeed.  I spent most of my life buying the negative comments said about me rather than embracing the positive ones.  Oh, she has another post, The Bad Stuff Is Easier To Believe, that goes hand in hand with the motivation one and with my self destructiveness at times.

My self confidence is something I have struggled with all of my life.  Those few negative commentators throughout my life have done a number on me…because I allowed it.  My wonderful, amazing honey told me something important that I’ve had to work hard not to do, but has made a difference in how I see me.  He does not care for it when I speak negatively about myself.  He sees me as pretty, sexy etc.  If I focus on and verbalize the negative traits about myself, it’s like telling him that he is wrong, and it will effect how he starts to see me.  So, I no longer talk about my negative traits.  We both know that they exist, we all have them.  Instead I focus on the good stuff.

Right now, I am focused  on my personal success.  My mom and sister met one of the millionaires in Avon recently at a rally of sorts.  I follow one on Facebook and her blog.  These are real people, that really work hard and make a heck of a lot of money.  I plan to be one of those women.  Oh but not just one of them, one of the top 5 in the country.  I know that I can, if  I want it enough to work for it.  I know that I am good at selling things, promoting etc, and I know what I want.  I want to make 6 figures.  I want to be a success.  SO, I will be.  I refuse to fail, or even consider failing.

I realize to do this I need to be organized.  SURPRISE! I am very organized lately.  The past few weeks I’ve been getting my business in order, purging stuff and setting up things so that I can find them.  I have that side in order.  On my closet door is a white board and bulletin board.  I have a day planner, and I have several tote bags.  One is for meetings, one is for product and samples.  I also have a zip up organizer.  I have paperwork in order and put away.

Next is to set reasonable goals.  No use setting them if they cannot be achieved or that is just setting up to fail.  My goals are written on the white board where I see them daily, in fact many times through the day.  As those goals are checked off new ones will replace them.

I’m reading everything and anything written by successful Avon reps, why try to reinvent the wheel?  They all do things similar and yet have many different ways of making this work.  So, I am soaking it up and will try two or three ideas.  If they work, great. If not, NEXT?

My first goal is to achieve President’s club.  To do that I need $10,100 in sales in a year.  This is doable, it is on my horizon already, within my grasp and I WILL achieve it.  As soon as I achieve this, I start making 40% commission on my sales, fixed, for the next 12 months.   That also means I will make $4040 just on sales if I maintain $10,100 in the coming year of sales.  Not bad.  But NOT enough.  My sales WILL be higher the next year because there are a lot of great perks with that recognition.  Once I have those, I won’t want to let go of them.  This means some sub-goals that have to be met, like distributing brochures, and shameless self promotion wherever I go.  Done. Shirts with the logo, buttons, carrying brochures, samples and business cards and giving them to anyone that is breathing.  All on the board, all part of the making the goals.

I also have entered leadership, I’m building a downline.  There are women in this business with several hundred people in their downline.  With a larger downline comes more $$, promotions etc.  The two areas combined, sales and leadership, are how one makes it to those 6 figure incomes.

Go ahead, laugh and make the jokes about Avon ladies and soap on a rope.  The Lisa Wilbers of the world are laughing all the way to the bank with their millions in sales and profits.  Be skeptical, because I, too, will be laughing as  I cash those checks.


  1. I was thinking the other day – tends to happen once in awhile – and I was wondering if you had considered doing volunteer makeovers for organizations like Dress for Success or First Step Home. Not only would that be an excellent way to help another woman up, but be excellent networking opportunities – and foster lifelong customers.

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