Multi-Million Inheritance & Penis Enhancement

Here I sit, while moderately successful at my Avon business, just a tad broke at the moment.  See, I turn my profits around back into the business right now trying to build it up.  The childcare I provide  pays my bills but not much else.  I don’t mind really, just still getting caught up on a few things from being laid off from the past 2 jobs (no unemployment).

I often dream of financial freedom, enough wealth to pay off my bills entirely, be debt free and live a comfortable life.  Not a ritzy one, pretty much right at the level I am now minus the bills.  This being the case you’d think I would jump at the offer of $39,500,000.00 (yes, 39 million, five hundred thousand dollars).  Who  in their right mind would pass up this opportunity???  ME!  I am sure  I am going to disappoint Mr. Maroz Walter of Auditing and Accounting section manager in AFRICAN Development Bank (A.D.B.) Ouagadougou Burkina Faso, he is no doubt thinking I must have taken complete leave of my senses.

Here is the email I received just yesterday, alerting me to my potential fortune, EXACTLY as it was  written:

From Mr.Walter.

I know that this letter may come to you as a surprise, but you need not to worry as I use this way tc ontact you, it is due to it is the only means I can use to reach you confidentially as a foreigner to seek for your assistance in this matter as the transaction need top secret that is the reasons of contacting you through Email.
 My name is Mr.Maroz Walter the Auditing and Accounting section manager in AFRICAN Development Bank (A.D.B.) Ouagadougou Burkina Faso.

 Infect I kindly made up my mind to contact you to use your account to transfer the sum of (THIRTY NINE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND US .DOLLARS, $39,500,000.00 US DOLLARS) into your bank account within 7 or 14 banking days and this fund has been dormant for years in our Bank with out claim.So this is the reason why i contacted you in a good manner so that the bank can release the money to you as the next of kin to the deceased customer.

If your really interested in this transaction,Facilitated and get back to me immediately for more informations and personal discussions and transmission of documents, 

I am expecting a positive response from you via return mail.Contact me in this my private email address for security purpose {}.


Mr Walter.

I know I know, here I am next of kin to a deceased customer that has all this money just  waiting to be released into my needy little hands….and I’m passing on the deal.  I cannot help it, I’d feel so…selfish taking that kind of money when I know there are starving masses of people in Africa that could use that money.  In fact, I’m writing back to Mr. Walter and suggest that he use those multiple millions, with my permission since it is my inheritance, to feed those starving there on his continent.  I  know, what a wonderful, kind gesture on my part, right?  Hey, it’s just how this marvelous chick  rolls!

As it happened, I also received an email offering me, at a significantly reduced price, penis enhancement drugs that can only be purchased through this particular vendor, who hand selected me as a privileged customer, something few were going to qualify to obtain.  I’m flattered, that must be one hell of a drug if it can enhance the male sex organ that I DON’T HAVE BECAUSE I’M FEMALE!  A miracle medication, no doubt about it.  I almost forwarded that to Mr. Walter, but they have enough problems feeding the hungry over in Africa without enhancing their males and their performance anymore than they already accomplish on their own.

Seriously, is there really anyone out there that buys into this crap that someone even spends minutes of their  life, that can never be retrieved, to dream up and write these emails???

Continuing in financial struggle,

The Marvelous One


  1. This post is hilarious and scary. I too have received such letters with exact typos. It boggles my mind that anyone would fall for this scam, but I think many have … unfortunately.

  2. Marti, if we combimed the two fabulous offers into one would you end up with a penis as dirty as money or millions and millions of dollars covered with smegma? Hmmmm…..

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