Sunday Coffee Musings ~ Of Dogs & Football

There is a reason my daughter tells me to not give her puppy, a 9yo Yorkie, anything that is not on her strict little diet….because when I do this it results in middle of the night,  gotta go potty NOW trips to the backyard.  But I am a slow learner with a big heart that melts for those beautiful brown eyes that plead with me for just one piece of kettle corn, or a puppy treat from the ‘unapproved list’.  Yes, I am a softy…

Yesterday I spent 14 hours at Harvest Home Park for the annual Harvest Home Fair, working our Avon booth.  Seems at some point I had agreed to also watch my granddog for my daughter this weekend so I had no choice but to make an executive decision that Penny, the dog, was the booth mascot.  She looked so dang cute with her little patriotic bandana around her neck, sitting on one of the bins on a pink towel over seeing our activities all day.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t really handle loud noise well, and with live bands, rides, tons of people, and folks in the booth next to us over filling and popping balloons she was a basket case.  She also feels it is her duty to protect her pack, and I am the number one person she thinks she needs to protect.  Sadly, she doesn’t understand that people approaching the booth are not trying to hurt me, and she launches into a barking frenzy and even chased one guy away.  It was rather comical to observe this 20 something kid running from a 7 pound dog, but hey, she does sound pretty ferocious when she wants too.  She only could run so far, her cable had her boundaries within our booth, which she quickly established as our ‘den’ for the day, that needed her watchful guard.  But with so many approaching at once, she was a mess trying to observe everyone to determine friend from foe so she is grounded with me to the house today to rest.  I think the few pieces of unapproved food yesterday were less of an impact on her belly than the stress of the day on guard duty.  Either way, her digestive track is a bit upset over it all.

So, today, rather than working the booth, I am home trying to fight what might be a cold, or might be allergies.  Being at a fair with a bunch of barnyard animals nearby, hay, and being outside all day when my guess is the mold count is likely high due to the damp weather lately, has left it’s mark  on me.  My sinuses are out of control.  Doubled up on the allergy meds for the day, and flushing my sinus cavities multiple times with a Netty Pot in hopes of keeping away whatever is trying to knock me down.

This year's jersey

That brings us to football.  First Sunday of the regular football season!!!  I used to be a dyed-in-the-wool Bengals fan but I just cannot do it anymore.  For the first time since they came into existence they are NOT my number one team.  My number two team, the Indianapolis Colts, has taken over the top spot, bumping the Cincinnati Bengals off their throne.  The Bengals play in Cleveland today so the game will be on my TV and not the Colts game which airs at the same time.  This irks me.  I will have to find the Colts on live stream on my computer so I can watch them and the Bengals at the same time.  I think we need to get Direct TV and the NFL package they have so I can watch any game I desire.

After my morning coffee here I will be getting dressed  in my Colts jersey, the personalized one, and my sparkly, blue sequenced tennis shoes, in team spirit!  Then I will turn on the Bengals on the TV and the Colts on the laptop and keep track of both.  I may regret throwing my loyalty to the Colts, since Manning is out for the season but I’ll try to survive.  Even with a second string quarterback the Colts have a better shot at a win than the Bengals ever do.


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  1. My son is also a die-hard Bengals fan. Me? not so much. But even though he hasn’t lived in Cincy in a couple of years now he still roots for them. In a moment of weakness, yesterday when I talked to him on the phone, he confided that this would be the worst year the Bengals ever had. Who knows? He wants to be a sports announcer, so he studies that junk. Me again? I’d rather watch paint dry…lol

    Sorry about your sinuses. Both of my parents had those issues, and I feel really blessed not to have any of that stuff. But I can imagine how awful it would be. Feel better !

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