Wishful Thinking Thursday

I found this great new blog meme/hop, Wishful Thinking Thursday.  It’s a chance to express what your perfect Thursday would be right this moment if resources were no option.  On a rainy, dreary day here in the Queen City, with 2 of my babies fussy and one with a roaring ear infection that is making her miserable, I decided while it is quiet it is time to grab a cup of coffee and muse over what this day  would be like, ideally….

Wishfully thinking….Taking a sip of coffee from a heavy, stoneware mug, sitting in the hot tub on the balcony of a cabin in Gatlinburg, TN.  The Count is behind me, I’m sitting between his legs, with his free arm wrapped around my waist, hand on my stomach, under the water, his coffee in his other hand.  The sun is just coming up and the clouds are low, a foggy covering over the mountains.  As the fog lifts more and more of the majestic view of the mountains is revealed.  The jets are on low, soothing us awake.

Later we shower, and he cooks breakfast.  A big, hearty one like only a true culinary artist can produce.  Just us, sounds of the birds chirping outside, fire in the fire place, we sit on a blanket in front of the fire, hand feeding each other, exchanging kisses between bites and love is in the air.

Lunch will be at No Way Jose’s, margaritas  and tacos, then strolling hand in hand through town, window shopping mostly and enjoying the time together….


Yep, it is wishful thinking.  He is working today, tile job, and I’m changing diapers and craving a Chipotle steak bowl.  We won’t see each other this weekend, both working.  But next weekend, we’re getting away for a few days, just us.  I cannot wait!!!


    • OH we plan too! Won’t be the mountains but going north next weekend to hit some antique malls and spend several days alone together that are LONG over due!

    • Me too! Best part of being a rep is getting to see and try SO much ahead of time so I can share the upcoming deals with my customers! 🙂

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