Why, God, WHY?

As a mother, I have always  been thankful for my children being HEALTHY.  I  knew  from extensive reading before, during, and after my pregnancies that babies born healthy and ‘normal’ is nothing if not miraculous.  SO many things can go ‘wrong’ that  things being right is more of a blessing  than I had realized.

The moment my children were born I  was counting fingers, toes, quickly checking them out for any physical signs of a ‘defect’ in them.  I was one of those mothers that was fortunate, my babies were fine.  Nothing shocking, no life or death issues, just take them home and do what we gals are wired to do, nurture them.

This morning I stumbled on a blog page  by accident.  I was checking another blogger’s page and noticed a page for blog buttons so I clicked it.  Most of us have others we follow and we post the buttons as a means to drive traffic to blogs we think are worthy.  I saw this “praying for Tripp” button and clicked it.  Anytime I see a button  for someone indicating a need for prayer I’m drawn to their story.  I was not prepared for what I found.  My heart  just broke for this little boy.

Before my coffee this morning, I had never heard of Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).   Tears welled up as I looked at the photos of this precious child, and read his story.  This skin disease is just MEAN!  Wretched, horrible, MEAN!!!  And it is one of those things that makes me want to shake my fist at my Heavenly Father and scream “WHY WHY WHY???? How could you do this to a CHILD???”  And the heavens are  silent.  I will have to wait to ask that question until  I meet Him face to face.  Meanwhile, I can only pray for Tripp, and  his mommy and daddy.

I encourage  you to read all about him (click the button), pray for him.  And then take  time to hug your kids  and thank God  for  your precious angels.

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