The Diaper Diaries ~ Surprise In The Chaos

This week I began watching a 7 week old infant along with my other 3.  That will only last a week, then the 7yo goes back to school next week and by the time she is home from school, the infant will be gone for the day.  But for this week,  it is a bit chaotic getting used to a  new  mouth to feed and bottom to change.  Not to mention gassy and needing to be held.  Thankfully the ability to do most things creatively with one hand has come back to me from my mommy days  with my own kids.  I still have my ‘baby rock’, rocking side to side even without a baby in my arms.  The past 4 days I’ve been pinched, pee’d on, pooped on and puked on, a lot.  Thankfully I have a lot of old t-shirts to wear when in childcare mode.  And you know, I really haven’t minded it one bit.

The past two days everyone under the age of 8 has been cranky, crabby and  generally uncooperative.  And Miss Marti  had PMS…flaming PMS.  Not a good mix.  I was counting down the minutes to happy hour so I could just  veg with a glass of wine and  soothing music.

The  Count is out of town until Monday but  I’ve been getting  hundreds of loving texts in the middle of the insanity, making it easier to smile through the odor of dirty diapers and  up-chucked formula.  Oh and a 1yo that has decided, upon turning a year old yesterday, that she is no  longer going to eat jar  food.   I have to dice everything the other kids  have  into  tiny pieces.  And she insists on feeding her  self.  SIGH…insanity and a messy toddler with attitude.  You know what?  I  still love my job! 🙂

About the time, shortly before  lunch, that I was ready to yank out my hair, and right after changing the 3rd blow-out bottom  diaper  of the morning, the door bell rang.  It was the florist, with flowers….for me.  From the  Count.  🙂  Pink flowers,  my favorite color.  He  said for his favorite woman.  I just love that man.  I’m being spoiled and this is very hard to get used to for me.  Not used to getting so much attention, affection and love for no special reason.

This lifted my whole demeanor and I ordered chicken strips and apple slices for the kids for lunch.  Why not  surprise them as well, right?

I am so blessed, lucky and loved.  I love my life!


  1. Oh how nice! They are beautiful! You are a lucky woman…and what good timing…on many levels…lol…he is out of town during the flaming PMS…lol…and flowers after blow out diapers…I love it!

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