Saturday Morning Coffee Musings…

YAWN…S-T-R-E-T-C-H…Finally I had a good night’s sleep!  Been struggling with that insomnia thing again but last night I crashed, early and hard, and woke up refreshed 🙂

First let’s just clear up the football issues.  The Cincinnati Bengals have always been my #1 team.  They were established when I was a little girl and my daddy watched them and we were raised on them.  I love the team, always will.  When I met the former prince (ex hubby), he was living in Indianapolis, and his second team was the Colts.  They quickly became mine as well.  Fast forward 23 years, today in fact (yes, would have been my 23rd wedding anniversary) and I’ve had it with the Bengals  and the Mike Brown family.  I am sick of buying Bengal merchandise and spending money on a team that SUCKS.  The former prince got custody of the season tickets (poetic justice as someone on Facebook put it).  Last season I gave my last $1 to that team in the form of a personalized jersey with my lucky number on it. I AM SO DONE WITH THEM!!!  This is a new season and I have flipped things.  The Indianapolis Colts are now my #1 team and will get my $$$.  My personalized Colts jersey will be  here any day, with lucky number 13 on it.  I will still root for the Bengals, but only if they are not playing Indy, as the Colts are my #1  now!!! Still an Ohio State Buckeyes and UC Bearcats fan!

Yes, as mentioned, today would be my 23rd wedding anniversary to the former prince charming.  One year ago, on 8/4, the divorce was final.  Just shy of the 22nd anniversary.  I  could go into a lot of things but just don’t feel it…the pain is gone, the  wounds have all healed over, I moved on and I am HAPPY now.  Happier than I ever was, with someone incredible and new.  I am way down the rails away from that train wreck now and so thankful for it.  Though I must admit  my plans for this  evening’s full moon are kind of amusing to be taking place on my former anniversary of the marriage that is now dead.

Plans for this evening:  Full moon, moon light tour of one of the local cemeteries.  The Spring Grove Cemetery‘s 5th Annual Moonlight Tour.  I cannot wait!  We will be touring the Civil War section, as that is the tour we signed up for tonight.  But surely you can see the irony, touring a cemetery on the anniversary of the dead wedded bliss? Yeah, I found it highly amusing but then I am warpped enough that I wanted the divorce to be final on our anniversary.  I’m kinda ‘sick’ that way as far as my sense of humor rolls.

Tomorrow I will spend  with The Count.  Headed to the Cincinnati Museum Center to tour and  see the Omnimax/Imax show, Tornado Alley.  Not sure what else but frankly we could sit and do nothing, as long as we’re together, and I’d be happy just being with him.

I had a nice surprise this morning, I received another blog award, so a post about that will be coming up later today.  I have a whole day to myself to do things I need to get finished, so I’ll be making good use of it by preparing some blogs to post this coming week.  My daycare business increases by one this week so I will be very busy during week days and not have the time to write that I am used to having.  I also need to kick up the Avon business a notch so I am taking advantage of the  free time today to  get the writing portion of my life caught up.  Hmm…and some hooking (crochet) and reading later if there is time.

But first…more coffee!

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  1. A cemetery tour with a full moon! What a great idea…I went on a ghost tour in Charleston SC once with two teenage girls…that was a blast!

    Have fun and glad the pain is gone…

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