I’m trying out a new hop today, Seriously Thursday.  What made YOU say “SERIOUSLY???” this week?

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  • SERIOUSLY??? – our internet is down and I’m pirating off a  neighbor.  I know this is likely illegal or something, but hey, I have blogs to be written and tons of stuff to do online today!
  • SERIOUSLY??? – Okay time to back off on the calorie intake a bit! My jeans are a bit TIGHT and well, the Count loves me as I am but no reason to pork out.
  • SERIOUSLY??? – Worked the The Delhi Skirt Game this past Friday night with the Avon Divas and my honey, the Count.  Would have been nice to know  the ex-husband and his girlfriend were working it too, 2 booths down.  Awkward…..
  • SERIOUSLY??? – Where has this GORGEOUS weather been??  Not complaining but the heat wave was a tad overkill, then last night froze my tail off with the fan in the window.  I LOVED it!
  • SERIOUSLY??? – SO much to do today and only one of me.  Kids aren’t here, so it is a day off to run my butt all over creation.  Seriously need to get moving!


  1. Seriously?…I kind of like the Delhi Skirt Game One…Sort of fits…poetic justice or maybe full circle or something…not awkward…fun…of course I am just an innocent bystander…

    But my Seriously?…Sick for a Month? I am so over this…I think I’ll link up and make this my first post back…and then the warrior one…Thanks.

    • Glad to see you back in action Kim!!!

      It was kinda funny seeing him there, both of us with our new significants and all 🙂

  2. Love Seriously?! Thursday’s!!! I was seriously just making a committment to myself about calorie intake as well! 🙂

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