I Am A Rambling Warrior

I found a new blog this morning, thanks to a button on Chaotic Rantings of a Housewife‘s blog that I found through Cinful Cinnamon’s pageRamblings Of A Diva – you just knew I had to check that out as I am a Diva.  She has a section on her blog for Rambling Warriors to take the pledge.  I loved it!  “What is a Rambling Warrior? A rambling warrior pledges to be a blogger who is not afraid to post what they feel. We write what is on our minds with integrity and can do it with tact and style.”   Then there is the pledge, hop over to her place for more information.

I consider myself a Rambling Warrior, so I took said pledge and put the badge on my blog page.

I am not mean, I am honest.
I am not out to hurt anyone, I am simply stating the facts. Sometimes those facts are humorous, sometimes sad, sometimes irritating, but always honest.

If you have followed my blog page from its birth then you know that I don’t bottle things up when I am upset, I let it fly in a post.  For a long time I posted about the divorce, where my feelings, thoughts and heart sat.  No doubt about it, readers knew where I stood, or in many cases crumbled and fell apart, throughout the ordeal and after.  I was an emotional train wreck.  But I  was not trying to hurt anyone with my posts.  Blogging for me is therapy.  I love to write and often about things going on in my life.  The former prince (ex hubster) did not take kindly to many things I wrote about him, but I make no apology for any of it.  No doubt it came across as belittling to him, but it was just my feelings and perspective.  Just because someone sees things differently does not mean that I am wrong and they are right, or vice versa.  Simply means I wrote from MY experiences.  I have password protected a few things out of respect for my children, they had well meaning folks making remarks to them, after having read my posts, and so I decided to lock those down at the request of my daughter.

Being what I term, a life blogger, my readers get a slice of my life as it is at that moment.  I’ve been told by the ex that people think I am a nut case.  Point?  The difference between me and them,  is only that  I chose to write about it.  If you think I’m a nut case, so be it.  I’ve been called worse things by far better people,  count on that.  I don’t write to please anyone but me.  I matter, I am the center of my world, the universe revolves around me in my world.  If you are honest, your universe revolves around you in your world.

Anyway, I am a Rambling Warrior, and proud of that.  If you feel like you are too, head over to grab the badge for your page and then link up so other warriors can find you!


  1. First, I’m going to say that I enjoy your blog for the honesty.

    But I’m not a warrior. 😦 I do blog as therapy, because if I didn’t write, I’d be sad, frustrated, annoyed…. but.. most of my blog posts are the upbeat and focus on the positive. Life isn’t always like that, but it’s what I tend to post. Ah well…. I’ll revel in your warrior spirit when I visit your blog!

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