Of Ruby, Hustler and Bagels

I rarely comment publicly about news going on around me, but this time is different, I had to say something.

I am not some huge fan of Jeff Ruby or any of the restaurants he owns.  It isn’t anything personal, to my knowledge I’ve never been in any of them to know if I like them or not.  I’m on a Chipotle kind of budget and his places are a bit out of my price range of what I care to part with over all for a meal.   That may well change now, I’m giving serious thought to sticking my dollars behind him by dining in his establishments.

First I want to make it clear that I DO think Casey Anthony is guilty of killing her child.  However, I also think the prosecution failed to prove it.  It is proven she lied about a lot of things, but unfortunately there is not one solid shred of evidence to prove her guilty of murder.  It sucks, BIG time.  But we cannot go convicting people because our gut instinct screams yes they did it.  We are a civilized society and our justice system requires proof beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Those on trial are supposed to be presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law.  The burden of proof is on the prosecution.  I’d far rather a guilty person go free than an innocent soul spend life in prison or be executed for something they did not do.

In comes Jeff Ruby, a well-known figure around the Cincinnati area who has establishments in other cities too.  He kicked OJ Simpson out of his restaurants because he feels that the man is guilty as sin.  Ditto on the feeling of guilt, but I don’t agree with his kicking him out, because again, he was found not guilty whether any of us like it or not.  However, Mr. Ruby is entitled to ban whomever he pleases and I support his right to do so even if I don’t like it.

Larry Flynt,  owner of Hustler magazine and many related adult stores, I don’t care for one bit.  Has zero to do with his profession, as I totally support adults rights to view what they wish.  If that magazine is up to your standards, or movies or whatever he publishes/releases, more power to you.   I personally prefer a hell of a lot more class in what I view  for erotic  entertainment.  But I don’t think, as long as no one is being harmed in the making of the materials, that it is anyone’s business to tell the public that they can or cannot purchase the merchandise.  I say go for it.  Please spare me the crap about it  exploiting women…you are NOT being exploited when you accept money to take your clothes off!  But that is another post for another time.  I do, in my opinion, believe the only reason he  has come to Cincinnati to  stir the pot is for a bunch of free publicity.  Whatever rocks your boat there buddy.  If Simon Leis and the media  would  ignore you, you’d find other places to seek attention to your enterprises.

Larry Flynt supposedly has offered Casey Anth0ny $500,000 to pose in his magazine.  REALLY???  Nothing like profiting off the death of a small child to get a few feathers ruffled.  That shows such a complete lack of class and talk about stooping to all time lows in the name of making a buck.  Frankly, I’d love to see every man in this country, especially the dads out there, let Mr. Flynt know what a scum bag he is by way of their wallets and NOT purchasing that edition.  It is sick beyond words that he would profit off Caylee’s death, or that her mother would.  And yes, that is exactly what he will be doing because had Caylee not died, no one would  know or give a flying frog’s ass who Casey Anthony is or was.  I hope there is a special place in hell for Mr. Flynt  right next to Casey, they deserve it and each other.

Meanwhile Mr. Ruby has taken out an ad, OJ’ing Mr. Flynt from his establishments.  He is no longer welcome in them because he is  trying to profit from this child’s  death by featuring the mom in her birthday suit.   I  don’t have the adjectives to adequately express my opinion of old Larry, but none would be anything positive.  As for Mr. Ruby, I am very thankful  he has taken such a stand.  He did, for the record, per reports, contact Larry boy and ask him NOT to do this, but guess old Lawrence can only see the potential dollar signs.  Bravo to you, Jeff Ruby.

As for John Marx of Marx Hot Bagels in Blue Ash?  I’d rather have a root canal without the benefit of medication to numb the pain than munch on your bagels.  Yes, you are entitled to ban Mr. Ruby for banning Mr. Flynt, but really????  Go  on and get in bed with the likes of Mr.  Simpson and Mr. Flynt,  it speaks volumes to me of your character.


  1. Bravo Mr. Jeff. He’s doing the right thing. And as usual, Larry Flynt has shown his true colors. Everyone down here in Caylee’s state thinks it a wonderful thing that Jeff Ruby is doing this. I spoke to a few folks about it while standing in line down in county offices in Miami today…Ugh. The Only and I mean ONLY good thing that could come from casey anthony making any money is that hopefully it would go toward a victims fund like they are trying to make happen down here if she gets any money. I think Larry is full of shit. He knows she won’t take it because she won’t see any of the money. You’re right, he just wants the publicity. I hope the next time I see casey anthony’s face…………..is on a milk carton.

    • Honestly hope no one would spend the money to put her useless face on the milk carton!

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