Monday Memos

I am SO tired today, but don’t get me wrong, zero complaints just stating the fact.

Friday night was the Delhi Skirt Game, and the Pink Avon Divas of district 4156 were there raffling off goodies.  It was hot and sticky but we did get enough of a breeze to keep it bearable.  It also did not hurt that my honey was there, working with us and keeping my heart a flutter and making me smile every time he looked in my eyes.  I was on cloud 13 (my lucky number cloud) all evening.  I swear I am the single, luckiest woman.  I thought these kind of men were the figment of romance author’s imaginations, I had no idea they really exist!  He is everything I have ever dreamed of in a man and more.  He has my complete love and respect.

Saturday morning I had to work a rummage sale, but Saturday late afternoon through Sunday night belonged to my king.  Yes, king, the standard is far higher than a prince could ever hope to achieve.  He took me away for a night of all romance and candle light, it was wonderful.  He has my heart, I have his, and I’m believing in happily ever after again.  🙂

I am SO tired today.  I was  in bed roaming through dreamland at 10pm, with a brief storm interruption, but still had such a hard time pulling myself out of bed today. If I get enough coffee in me no telling what I might write about later, but for  now,  on to Monday Memos, as the Meet Me On Monday meme seems to be on a break for now:

Dear One Who Holds My Heart,

Thank you for such a wonderful weekend.  I love  you.

Dear Self,

Maybe being up so late then up so early so many days  in a row is not the smartest  of schedules?  Oh well, charity events are worth it.

Dear Heart,

Who knew fairy tales could indeed come true, that love can be amazing, and that there really are men who  exceed the level of prince charming and are true kings when it  comes to love.  It seems happily ever after is possible after all.  I’d suggest continued caution but you are  so far beyond that and he has your heart wrapped around his already.  Soak it up but always remember to return it to him 10 fold. He is so worth it.

Dear 2 year  old,

Miss Marti will always win the battle of the wills, she is the most stubborn person you will ever encounter in your life, trust me.  I told you so, sweet, adorable little boy.  Miss Marti – 1, 2yo – 0.  I  love you little Mr. Man, thanks for finally seeing it my way.

Dear Farmville,

I hate you, you evil addiction.  My crops are withered again, my animals are all waiting and the trees are ripe.  I’m hooked on a bunch of pixels.  Ugh.

Dear Pixel Kitten,

I am sorry mama stayed away over night again, please forgive me that you had to sleep alone IF you chose to come sleep with me at all (we both know this is not all that frequent any longer).  I do have a life apart from you, my adorable cat, you’ll survive without me now and  then.  Oh, and the king of my heart? Yes, he hates cats.  Behave so I can convince him that you will be apart of the royal family when we move into the castle.

Dear Larry Flynt,

You are scum of the earth and may there be a special place in hell for you, attempting to profit off the death of a beautiful child.

Dear Jeff Ruby,

Bravo for  O’Jaying Mr. Flynt, may your profits soar through the ceiling, and may there be a special place in heaven for you.


  1. So…It seems he fits right in with the Divas too if i read this right…he must if he worked side by side in all that heat, while warming you from the inside:)) Now for the Kitty…

  2. Hey there! It’s been a while since I’m read your blog. So happy to hear that you have found your king!

  3. Dear Marti,

    Hopefully you are very happy with your new “king.” It looks like
    you’ve found a more comfortable place on Earth.

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