Coffee Musings & Writer’s Block

Wine & Cheese is taking a day off, I have nothing to whine about other than having a bad case of writers block.  Cannot come up with anything that  has any substance to write about today.  Thought about explaining why I support gay marriage, but not feeling that one.  I will, though I have touched on it in the past.  I know it won’t agree with some of my church family’s perspective, but we’ll talk about that later when I get around to that post.

I’m back in crumb cruncher care mode today.  Had a 4 day weekend,  now we are back in full swing.  We have a bunch of ‘new’ toys and there is  a lot of discovery going on as they explore the boxes.  I am very much enjoying watching this.  Mr. Man loves puzzles fit for his 2 year old age, and there are a few in there for him.  Lots of little cars, trucks and even a fire fighter puppet.  He is in little boy, toy heaven today.

Mt. Washmore is slowly disappearing from the 3rd floor.  That means I am getting one hell of work out again, lugging loads of laundry from there to the basement and back.  My $1 says that tomorrow morning there will be a whole new mountain in the making, as the 17 year old will suddenly come home from work and clean her room.  I won’t venture in there, it is against Prince Palace protocol.  Privacy is respected here, no Diva enters another Diva’s royal bedchamber without permission.  I didn’t ask for permission because I didn’t think of it so her laundry will have to wait if it is sitting behind her door rather than in the hamper.

For lack of anything better to write about, I am going through the questions from the countless emails I receive on the sites. Not that most of those guys will see them, I don’t give out my blog address to just anyone.  No, not afraid of the big bad wolf or the Boogie Man.  But really not looking for a reason to have to shoot someone so why risk it?  That edition of The Dating Diaries will be coming up soon.  The Q & A, not the  target practice one.

But first, must finish feeding Miss Thang.  Love watching her little facial expressions with new foods.  She looks like she has baby angels in her mouth it is so good, and so adorable!