Lazy Holiday Weekend…


I hate winter, hate being cold, hate snow (okay I do love LOOKING at it, but nothing else).  So summer is best, and the hotter the better.

Yesterday the family gathered at my brother’s house to celebrate the holiday.  Having fire fighters for brothers means we have to do things ‘around’ a holiday, not necessarily on the holiday.  Which is okay, this year the 4th of July is a Monday which makes of  a P-A-R-T-Y weekend.  We spent the day grilling and swimming.  He and his very awesome, mega cool, love her to pieces significant other that will soon (but not soon enough) be my sister-in-law, hosted the family event, pool side, at their house.  It was outstanding.

I managed somehow to remember to use sunscreen and got away with just a slight tan line (need to adjust down for a lower SPF) but NO  burn, YIPPIE!  Last time I floated around their pool I burned  so bad  it lasted  2 weeks.  Not real bright sometimes but hey, I’m cute so it makes up for the lack of common sense.

What a fantastic  day!  I slept like a brick and my guess is that my 3 youngest nieces (all 3, as Angeo’s baby girl is every bit the niece to me) likely slept long and hard.  They looked like they had hit the wall running about 8pm last night.  They were in the pool all day.

Today we are supposed to go back and do some more holding down of the rafts in the water.  It is a tough job, we don’t want those things to float away.  It is hard work, and often requires a little extra weight so a beer in hand tends to be just enough to keep them in place as they drift around in the water.

Life is great!


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