The Dating Diaries ~ Maybe Mr. Right?

I’ve been corresponding with a guy via email and texts (we haven’t met in person as my schedule has been booked solid for the past few weeks but we will meet!).  He is confident that we are going to really hit it off, of course I do hope he is correct.  After all, I’m looking for Mr. Right. He feels he IS that person.  He wrote me and told me I could post his email to the Dating Diaries section of my blog.  He is a daily reader now…

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Here it is Thursday evening, and I thought that it would be a good time to write and tell Marti  how I look so forward to meeting. I am hoping that we can meet real soon . It may sound somewhat crazy, but as I have got to know Marti either through texting or emailing I really enjoyed getting to know her. I have told Marti that I am her Prince and I am going to sweep her off her feet. Only Marti will know.

Marti and I met online on a dating site, I believe that I emailed her and was lucky that she emailed me back. I have tried to share myself with Marti and let her get to know me the best I can so far. I have read Marvi Marti and it has really been something that I have enjoyed reading. I come home from work and get on the computer and read a little bit and see if Marti posted anything new. Marti told me in a text today that she had writers block. I told her to write about me and why I think I am the guy for her. Well she didn’t write about me so I said I would write as to why I am the guy for her.

Marti I don’t know if we are the one for each other or not. I do know that I have enjoyed texting and emailing each other. I like to text you good morning as I drive to work. I like to text you during the day and just ask you how your day is.

Why am I the one for Marti?

Marti I want to love and I am only looking for that one person to love. Are you the one?

I am the guy that knows how to let you be yourself and not be that controlling person or Manipulating person. That does not work in a relationship.

I am the guy that wants to make your heart beat fast every time we are together.

I am the guy that when we meet you feel that special feeling.

I am the guy that will make your eyes glisten every time we are together or when we go out I will dance for you in the parking lot.

I am the guy that wants to share me and not part of me but all of me with you.

I am the guy that wants to take the time to get to know you and enjoy you.

Marti I am not a material guy and I don’t care about material things. What I have found is that love or true love is more important then things you own.

Just a guy looking for true love again. I had true love before and I wanted true love again. This is something more that I will share with you in good time and hopefully it will be soon.

Marti I know that you are dating , but when we finally meet I want to be that last guy. Now how can I say that , I really don’t know. But what I do know is that I have really enjoyed trying to find out. I hope that are time will come when you and I look each other in the eyes and that is when we know that we are rite for each other. I want to be that one that makes your eyes sparkle.

Marti I like that you are open and sharing. I like it that you love kids as I have two of my own. I like it that you and I can talk and be open with each other and you allow me to share myself with you. Remember the mirror!! I want to have more experiences like that.

So I hope that after all is said and done that it is us that is together. I have a lot to share and a lot of love that I want to share, You could be the one. Lets meet really soon and start our memories together.



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