Why I Do What I Do…

I’ve done the corporate America game…office, cubical, dressed up, business casual, dressed down, performance reviews, deadlines, budget season, year end chaos…I  don’t miss it ONE bit.  Oh sure, when I was let go from a company I had been with 26 years, I was very upset and even scared.  It took 18 months to find another job, some of that was trying to find one that payed enough!  I managed 2 offices after that, okay 3 if you count the part time one with the insurance agent.  Stuck behind a desk all day rocking a florescent light bulb  tan.

Daycare/Childcare is paying the bills for now, and don’t get me wrong, I love that job.  I love kids and cannot wait to be a grandmother to someone with arms and legs rather than 4 paws and a tail (I have 3 granddogs, 2 grandbunnies, and assorted other grandcritters including a frog).

But by far my favorite job is being the Avon Lady.  Hang with me here ladies, and men for that matter.

I  do it so I can work from home, make as much money as I am willing to work for, and I love the products (yes all my makeup and  skin care is Avon).  What more reason is there?  Read on…

Avon has been around  125 years.  The company FOR WOMEN.  And they are still  going strong.  There are a LOT of women making a good living at this, if you consider being totally self supporting and making $50k, $75K, $100k and yes even over $200k a year making a good living.  It can and IS done.  The best part is…you only have to spend $10 to get started.  Yes $10 is it, the price of a good lipstick (when it isn’t on sale and usually we have some dynamite special going on!).

I didn’t buy a bunch of inventory, I order what I need for me and a few demo products.  Those demo items are featured a few campaigns  ahead, to just the sales representatives, at a significantly reduced price so that we can have  them on hand to use, wear and show our customers.  But you don’t have to buy them, trust me the product lines sell themselves, don’t go broke buying things you don’t need!

Avon WANTS you to succeed!  And they leap through flaming hoops  to make sure it happens.  Training that is online, your own online store front/website to sell to people out of your area that are friends and family, it is great!  NO more territories, you can make customers anywhere, anytime you like.  Trust me I do!  If  I can get your ear for 2 minutes  in line at the grocery store you will walk away with a brochure, my business card and a sample or two.  It’s how I roll.  It’s how you can roll too!  Monthly district sales meetings, and our district does FREE bingo where you win free Avon products that  reps and their customers (or potential customers) may attend.

Avon reps get 20% commission regardless of how much they sell, and that increases based on your individual sales.  On any given order you can be making 40% easily!

Is it hard work?  Define that for me!  I walk a neighborhood and  ‘throw’ (toss) 120-150 brochures on porches and hang them on door  handles.  I need and don’t mind the exercise.  Every two weeks I’m stamping and dating those brochures (while watching TV or listening to music).  Every two weeks the order arrives and I have to check it for accuracy, then bag up and deliver products to my customers.  This is not hard at all, just time consuming.  But  even then I’m not putting more than 3 hours  into all of that in a given week.  The more  I do, the more I can make.  Same with leadership, having people down line in my unit increases my earnings!

I work with a bunch of great ladies, everyone helps and shares  tips with everyone else, we all want to see each other making  money and loving what we do.

Why not try it?  Even if you only did it to cover your own makeup expenses, it’s worth it right?  But what if you could also add $100, $500, $1000 or way more than that to your monthly budget? What would YOU do if you had that much extra to spend?

Contact me and I can help you get started!