Coffee – check!

Poptarts – check! (yes I know, healthy eating…If I wasn’t so tired I’d make old fashioned oatmeal)

I have absolutely no idea where all this is going to end up going, haven’t had quite enough caffeine to safely point in any one direction.

Wish List additionPink sequenced high top tennis shoes.  Yes really.  I am insanely jealous this morning of Princess Smiles A Lot.  I saw these adorable shoes in her size in the Avon brochure and couldn’t resist.  She is sporting them for the first time today and I’m experiencing some serious shoe envy!!!!  She even paired them with white socks that have bright, multi-colored polka dots all over them.  If they sold them in my size I’d own these bad boys and wear them.  On the back of my friend’s motorcycle, with a bright pink streak in my hair, and my black tank top with the pink, Playboy Bunny head edged in rhinestones.  Totally jealous of my fashion sense, aren’t you! Don’t hate me,  we all can’t be trend setters.

I have been moonlighting at yet a 3rd job.  I am a Fairy. *smiling proudly, then spots the look of skepticism on your faces*  I am TOO!!!!  Out of paper towels and have a spill to clean up?  Sitting on the throne and discover one lone sheet on the cardboard roll?  Prance your little paws to the litter box only to discover it is full of sh*t??  DO NOT PANIC!  The Restock-Fairy will come to your rescue!!!  Under the cover of darkness I stumble fly to the linen closet and attempt to get a roll of toilet tissue out while trying not to loudly crinkling the cellophane wrapping flutter my wings too loudly and wake the household at midnight.  I dig out the scooper wave my magic wand and PRESTO MAGICO! the litter box is free of kitty deposits and smells fresh and clean!  OH and sometimes I put on my tiara and become The Laundry Fairy!  I attack the ever growing pile of clothes  fight the evil dragon and win!  Oh yeah, I rock!

That bruise on my foot never got very dark, but dang it is still hurting.  I really need to exercise a bit of caution when going up and down the steps over  the baby gate. This morning I twisted my knee on one trip over it.  I am a complete disaster waiting to happen this week!  So thankful for the weekend.

These blasted cats are whittling away their 9 little lives really fast lately.  I woke up this morning to Ditzy playing with a sandwich baggie on my floor.  At one time it was on the kitchen counter and contained medication for the baby’s cheek and baby Ora-Gel.  Lord only knows where the Ora-Gel is, I haven’t located it yet but I hope if she bit into it that her mouth was numb for hours, the brat cat!  If you happen to spy the little tube please leave it on the kitchen counter, I suspect the little Ms. Thang is getting more teeth.  That is because she chews on anything that she finds including her brother’s ankles.

Oh and would you look at that, I have a comment that might spawn a question and answer session, or at the least a new entry, in the Dating Diaries.  Imagine that, coming to me for advice.  *Digging wildly in her dress-up trunk* Ah Ha! Found it!  Time to put on my Queen of Useless Information Advice Tiara and respond to that question 🙂

And yes, I am seriously UNDER caffeinated this morning,  does it show?

Peace Out!