Thanks Mr. Wonderful

200 miles later, after spending my day wrapped around my driver and friend, I’m exhausted, sore, dirty (gotta love when you wipe off your face and there is dirt you didn’t ‘see’ from the road all day), and while my heart is still hurting I feel much better.  He never got to dry my tears because I never let him see them (I rarely let anyone see me cry), he thought it was the wind making my eyes water  and didn’t realize I was crying as we cruised down Rt 56.  I shed my sorrow and pain into the wind and just relished the time with someone I could pour my heart out too over burgers and a pitcher of beer, in a cute little river town that reminds me of Mayberry, that I could share everything that just happened in the past 6 weeks, my love, my confusion and my heart break, and he didn’t judge me, just cared about me and that I’m hurting, and hugged me a lot. When I ask what is wrong with me, why doesn’t anyone keep me, he doesn’t have  an answer, because he’d keep me if he could.

We cannot be lovers, but we can be friends.  Kindred spirits walking through this world  that sometimes just need someone that understands them.  Someone that takes time to see inside the heart and soul, and doesn’t want to crush your spirit but wants to set it free and cheer you while you soar.  That kisses the boo boos life doles out and helps apply the band-aids to the wounds in your heart.

Thanks, Mr. Wonderful, for just being my friend today, getting me out and away from everything, making me laugh, holding my hand, hugging me when I needed it and kissing my boo boos.  You are truly wonderful.  🙂