10 Reasons Why I Could Not Be A Real Housewife From Any County

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10 Reasons Why I Could Not Be A Real Housewife From Any County

  1. I am single.  Hard to be a housewife if you aren’t married to carry the title ‘wife’.  Not seeing that on my future horizon anytime soon so yeah, housewife is kinda out for me.
  2. I would never be happy not working at something.  The country club, lunch, tennis and shopping aren’t productive in my book, just not happening for me.
  3. I HATE shopping with a passion (how non-girlie I know).  I get a headache just thinking about going to the mall.
  4. Short of getting my nails done every few weeks and my hair highlighted every 3 months, I really do little to pamper myself. Okay maybe a good shower gel now and then.
  5. Speaking of pampering, never had a massage despite having had a friend that was a massage therapist.  Sad right?  Way too expensive IMHO.  Much happier having someone massage my hands when my arthritis is acting up. Way more personal.
  6. While I really do enjoy the symphony,  I much prefer a blanket under the stars listening to the Cincinnati Pops in the park curled up with someone special, to getting all dressed up to go to Music Hall.
  7. Other than a tummy tuck and  boob  job to fix what I felt were major flaws from having kids, I will grow old gracefully with a good skin care regimen and skip the face lifts and botox. (must be doing something right cause few guess my age and the 7yo I watch just told me yesterday that my face looks much younger this week)
  8. I am pretty certain I am way more comfy sitting around the grill and fire pit with steaks, cold beer and good friends to dining in 5 star establishments where I don’t even recognize what is being served.
  9. I HATE having my picture taken and I am rarely seen without my makeup on so the idea of a camera crew following my every move 24 x 7 turns my stomach.
  10. I am way too west side/redneck girl to survive long in the snooty rich bitch side of society, I’d have most of them offended in the first 5 minutes and the rest of them when I drank too much and flashed the twins at the country club bar!


  1. Hey I checked out Mama Kat and subscribed. Thanks. She has some great stuff. Nice to have other influences for brain “fodder”. Have a great weekend.

  2. There’s usually at least one single housewife so that wouldn’t disqualify you! But I’m totally with you on the shopping. I have to take my girls shopping tonight and I’m dreading it.

  3. I would love to be a house wife! But I wouldn’t fit in well with the high class society, I too am much too redneck. I can’t believe you don’t like shopping! I am astonished, haha. ☺

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