Wine & Cheese – 31st Serving

Welcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.

Every week on Wednesday I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times.

I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs.

I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well.

I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal.

If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just click HERE for all of the past postings.

Sit back and join me now for the 31st serving of some wine and cheese!

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😦  Okay, I am SO over the rain.  I realize that everyone in my general area is likely whining  about this, but too bad, so sad, it is my post and I’m in a mood today.  I AM SICK OF RAIN!!!  SICK of being stuck inside with these adorable kids that just want to be outside.  I am sick to death of wading through a huge puddle to get anywhere once I leave the car.  I am sick of wondering if the puddle ahead of me on the road is going to be more high water than my car can safely maneuver through.  I am beyond tired of being woken up by thunderstorms all night.  The weather radio doesn’t even phase me anymore I hit it and roll back over.  I am fed up with it all.  Okay, I feel much better now.

🙂  I am having SO much fun doing this daycare thing.  I have the  cutest kids to watch and they are entertaining.  Not to mention I’ve lost 5 pounds already just chasing and lugging around the 2 year old.  It isn’t the ideal job for my line of skills, but for now it is paying my bills and keeping me amused.


Deadline: an arbitrary moment responsible for creating the fine line between a paycheck and a pink slip. (From Daffynitions Twitter Feed)


  1. I am SO with you on the rain thing. I am SO sick and tired of it… I could have written that whole post!

    So glad you’re liking the daycare thing:) That’s awesome.

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