Monday Morning Coffee Musings

It is Monday, and back to the daily grind for many.  It is my first real, full day of  ‘work’ at the new professions for me.

I’m getting a taste of what the childcare experience will be and frankly if they are all  like this great little girl I think I’d love it.  She is about to be 6yo and a total joy, with a contagious giggle.  I  only have her today as her school is off and her mommy is working.  Come fall I will have one new born for sure and hopefully several more little ones in my care.  I need to advertise and get some children to care for, I could get used to this quickly.  Already showered, made my bed and have the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, breakfast made and cleaned up, most of which was done before my little charge arrived.

All weekend I was hooking my heart out on 2 blankets I was commissioned to make.  I’m almost finished with those then on to the next.  Mom was gone for the weekend and the girls were out so it was a sister weekend with hooks and coffee, and a lot of  laughs.  I really enjoyed it and will miss my sister during the day!!

Been working the Avon business and have several customers and orders already.  2  of them online, which of course I think rocks because they will get their products shipped so quickly.  Not to mention I love technology and the ability to shop online means I have potential customers all over the country!  *Shameless plug – orders over $30 (today is the final day of campaign 7 with this offer) ship for FREE! My Avon Site so take advantage of that!*

I hosted my first give away over the weekend, and a winner was chosen from the entries. Thanks to all who participated, I’ll be doing that again  soon!



  1. Before I stumbled into the job I have now, I tried working at a Day Care Center. I lasted a whole 2 days. Whoo hoo. Some people are cut out for that, and some of us aren’t….I AREN’T !! Might be why I only have one kid. I adore babies, but not kids. I think they know it too, because they fall and cling all over me !!! The heathens … LOL Good luck with it. It takes a special breed for sure. As for the Avon…. I will check it out. My “natural” beauty needs all the dang help it can get !! Got a trowel ??

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