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Welcome to Featured Friend Friday!

I had the pleasure  of finding Byn when we both were participating forum for women bloggers.  I was not only drawn to her blog, 365 Days Of Clean Eating, but loved that like, me, she enjoys some pink in her hair at times (check out her ‘about me’ page on her blog!  I think you will find some great recipes and a new way to think about food!

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I turn 40 this year.  My oldest daughter turns 20.  I think she might be more freaked out about it than me.

I don’t mind telling my age, because I don’t feel old.

As a matter of fact, I feel better than I ever have.

I don’t feel like I really fit anywhere though.  I don’t feel like I really have anything in common with anyone other than my husband.  I don’t feel like I ‘fit’ anywhere… and I’m finally okay with that.  I struggle with depression and being somewhat bipolar (read my fitness blog and you’ll see what I mean:) but I try to stay positive for the most part.

When I have my lows, they are really really low… but when I have my highs… well, we end up planning a biking trip to California.  From Oklahoma.  Yeah, really.

We’ve been desperately wanting to move to LA for almost a year now, but finances aren’t agreeing with us.  I’m beginning to feel like we’re not going to ever be out from under our financial… curse… until we get OUT of here. I may sound somewhat irrational, but seriously, we have had such horrid luck financially ever since we moved here ten years ago.  Yeah, ten years of horrid finances can really start to wear a person down.  Start to?  START TO!?!?!?  Suffice it to say that financially, I’ve had it.  Its time for some change.

So last week I had a break down.  Well, not an actual break down, but close.  After being out of work for 11 months last year, my husband finally got a job last November.  We were going to finally be caught up at the end of this month (FINALLY!) and one of our vans died.  Needs-a-new-engine-died.  My husband nearly had a meltdown, I nearly had a meltdown and was desperately trying to find a way to find a bright side to it.  We both agreed that we weren’t going to get another van and we’d make do with one… and ride our bikes as much as possible.

Then I wrote in my journal, “I don’t care, I’m done.  If I have to ride my bike, I’m going to California”

The next day I reread that and thought, “Wait, we could RIDE OUR BIKES TO CALIFORNIA!!!”

My husband is online right now (literally, he’s right there… See?)

And no, honey, you don’t look fat in that (Yes, he asked.  I assume he was joking:)

Anyway, he is right at this very moment writing up sponsorship letters hoping to garner some financial support that would make it possible for us to actually DO THIS THING!!!  People, my family is going to ride their bikes to California!!  I am ready to bring it…. well, except for those mountains.  I’m honestly not looking forward to that part at all.  The up OR the down.

We are looking forward to L.A., though, and we are hoping to grab Ellen’s attention, because, well, we LOVE Ellen’s show.  When I’m feeling really down, watching her show always lifts me up.  This is my daughter, Abyni, doing her imitation of Ellen’s ‘dance’… She is so happy, if you need a smile, this should do it!  Watch it every morning:)


  1. You ROCK!!! I love the red carpet welcome:) Thanks, honestly, I love reading your blog… you are so REAL! Love it:)

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