Sounds From My Grandparents House

So long ago it seems, and yet not that far away…..

Marty Brennaman and Joe  Nuxhall calling the Red’s game  through the radio on top of the refrigerator in the kitchen.

The sounds of Sanford and Son on the TV in the living room.

The ceramic tea pot in the pantry as its lid was removed and replaced to dole out Smarties candy to the grand kids.

The sound of the aluminum drink cups popping/cracking as ice and peppermint iced tea was combined in them.

Uncle Larry and Uncle Chuck’s  laughs, both unique and always contagious.

The creak of the  glider on the front porch as someone or someones rocked.

The sound of the tricycles up and down the driveway and around the front hedges and children squealing and laughing.

Popcorn being made in what is the oldest, discolored metal pot I’d ever seen, and never a kernel burnt, it was always perfect.

Gentle humming of the black, oscillating fans throughout the house.

Traffic up and down St. Lawrence & Regina Avenue.

The distinct voices of each aunt and uncle (grandma had 10 kids), sitting around the dinning room table.

The laughter of  dozens of cousins outside running around.

The cuckoo clock in the  front hall near the door.


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