Hot Sweats & Night Flashes

This getting older stuff and creeping through early menopause is for the freaking birds.  I have about had it with the whole deal and I’m only 47 and this has a LONG way to go.

My mood swings are controlled thanks to the meds I am taking and those are supposed to be assisting with the hot flashes.  If this is what they are like with assistance, holy heffer what would they be like without???  Better living through chemistry I suppose.

The worst part is at night…like last night.  As if it is not bad enough that I’m awake every 55 minutes thanks to the decongestant I am taking, I keep having night sweats!  The day time hot flashes are bad enough but this night time stuff has to end.  I feel like a malfunctioning Easy Bake Oven!  Just stick a cake mix in my arm pit and in 5 minutes you can have freshly baked cupcakes.

Combining this with the cold medication made for some wicked weird dreams last night.  Keebler Elves take me captive and force me to consume cremated remains in my fudge stripe cookies and protein shakes.  Seriously, I have to watch what I read before I go to bed until this cold/allergy attack from hell moves on.  My son had a post on his Facebook status that read:  Would you add a cremated dead guy to your protein shake for $1,000,000?? (Dead serious). At first I thought GROSS, not a chance.  Then I actually started to figure how much is really left of the body after it is cremated and….YUCK what is wrong with me?  Evidently there are a whole lot of desperately broke folks on his friends list because it spawned a lengthy series of comments most in favor of it, like me, but wanting to know how MUCH of said dead and over baked corpse had to be consumed in the shake.  Where the fudge stripe cookies came in from is beyond me.  Perhaps it was the cookie dough ice cream I passed on when I got home, or the Snickers peanut butter candy bars I also bypassed in the kitchen despite craving chocolate and other assorted junk food last night.  When I woke up in a fog I muttered out loud that I had about had it with the hot sweats and night flashes.  Yeah, it’s the drugs.

Anyway I cannot seem to find a happy medium in body temperature.  I’m either freezing to death or over heating.  I’m sitting here writing this with the window open next to me and it is 30 degrees outside.  Which is a heat wave compared to the single digits and negative wind chill temps a few days ago, but really???  We gals get to have ALL the fun in life.


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  1. I feel for ya sister! Got thrown into it via Chemo myself. Sux rox…as far as us gals having all the fun? It’s because God knows we can handle it, lol…if he’d let men have it all that whole “go forth and multiply” just would NOT have happened.

  2. Malfunctioning easy-bake oven? So funny! Except, I guess for you – So sorry!

    I know this doesn’t help YOUR situation, but my sister-in-law is in full-blown menopause at 37. Seriously. Her hormone levels are that of an elderly lady.

    I didn’t know that could happen. So she’s going through all that crap way too early, in my opinion.

    I’m looking forward to the not-bleedy part.
    Everything else? Bring on the chemicals. For better living, and everything…

    Hang in there. (more wine and cheese helps, I hear.)

  3. Oh my gosh! I’m sitting here laughing out loud, because your funny and because I’m glad it’s not me yet! I have heard the stories and feel so bad for you, it does stink we get ALL the fun! I hope it gettings better for you and the open window seems like a great idea!

  4. I know exactly what you’re going through. It’s a miserable time and I feel for you. I went back to taking birth control pills and my hot flashes are totally gone. Every now and then I’ll wake up from night sweats but nothing like before. Hang in there!

  5. Oh it sounds so miserable to not be the right temperature.

    Ever try a hot/cold bath or shower to help you out.

    You’be made me so be able to wait for this next season in my womanly life.

    Great read though. (Just glad it’s not me.) 🙂

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