Random Saturday Coffee Musings

So much for sleeping in today.  One thing about having cats in the house, they view humans as their staff  and when they want the unpaid help to do something they will stop at nothing to get attention.  Pixel started early today, 7am in fact.  I realize that since I am usually up around 5am for work that this is sleeping in to her.  My idea was more in the neighborhood of 9:30am or 10.  She starts by getting up on my dresser and knocking things off.  If that  is not  a success she moves to the desk or the vanity. I got up and fed her but that is not enough, she wants me awake and at the least sitting up  in bed.  Her side kick, Ditzy, is now  up too and they started tag teaming me when I got back in bed.  Mission accomplished, I am awake and  up.   We reached a compromise of sorts, I have fresh Highlander Grogg  coffee, and I am sitting up in bed  with my laptop.  The cats are now sleeping on the bed with me while I am wide awake.  Go figure.  Bed head and pink flannel jammies.  Despite the allergy meds  I am consistently taking now,  I am still sneezing and have a growing pile of tissues next to me  on the bed from blowing my nose.  Great visual huh?

I am so broke this  weekend.  Too many bills to pay and not enough cash coming in,  thinking I might need to consider a part time job on the weekends for a bit until I get some of my debts paid down.  Just not making enough to keep up with what  I have.  Thinking a few weeks off from Chipotle is going to have to happen and I’ll have to pack lunch.  Maybe if I stood out front of the place  with a metal cup and a sign I could get a free steak or chicken bowl from some sympathetic passerby?  Na..one look at this big butt and they’d know I haven’t been hurting for a meal in a while.

This is one of those totally relaxed, stay inside and be warm in front of the fire type of days.  I have NOTHING to do outside of the house today after I run to the bank.  Laundry, change the bedding, read for a while, maybe write some posts for using later this week.  Thinking I might actually finish the blanket Brittany asked me to make,  running a bit behind on that.  A whole afternoon and evening to just crochet! Ah that sounds wonderful!  Only way to improve on that would be snuggling in with someone special while watching a moving, in front of the fire, and hooking this blanket.  Just need a good movie to watch, and that is tough for me to settle on, I haven’t watched much TV of any kind except for a few minutes here and there that I just have lost complete interest in it over all.


  1. Have you considered making your own Chipotle? I’m sure you could google the spice mix/recipe from the interwebs. Throw a roast/beef or pork into the crockpot one day while you’re home. Then all you’d have to do is prep the salad part to pack your lunch. Have the meat in little tupperwares in the freezer to throw in the microwave when you need it.

  2. Oh how I WISH! I PLANNED my Saturday to be just like that but of course, life gets in the way. How I miss my cat… the only animal I’ve ever had who truly believed she was human and the only cat I’ve known who was too good to drink from her dish – it was all about turning on the faucet for some of that yummy tap water for her. =)

  3. Well, my fat ass has joined you on Spark…thx for the invite! My sharings will be short…but public so as to insure commitment! I tried Spark once before but being tech challenged couldn’t figure out the site…Maybe I’ve learned a thing or two since? Here’s hopin’!

    • OMG I could eat it 2x a day for a week….I know this because I did it and could have kept right on going!

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