It IS The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

At least I think it is, I love Christmas time.  I love that it looks like a white Christmas is going to be on the menu this year.  I love that I am in a house full of women that love this holiday as much as I do, not a Scoorge in the bunch, not so much as a Bah Humbug to be heard around the Diva Den.  And I LOVED this weekend.

Actually it was a great week.  Tuesday evening I had dinner out with Stan, my Mr. Wonderful, my Mr. Twisted Steel And Sex Appeal.  Then I got to see him again on Thursday evening to snuggle up by the Christmas tree and just enjoy each others company.  I saw him again Friday for a bit in the afternoon, (BIG happy face and dance).  Last night he took me to the Festival Of Lights, one of my favorite activities around the holidays.  We walked around enjoying the lights and sharing cinnamon covered roasted almonds (I LOVE those things).  It was the best year I’ve seen there, so much color, so many more lights than before, and the hand holding mine all night and the kisses in hidden places in the zoo made it very special.  Then he took me to dinner and broadened my food horizons a bit (I’m kinda stuck in a Chipotle rut) with Indian food.  I wasn’t even sure what to try, I did not recognize anything in front of me at all.  He had me try a number of things on the buffet and I even got gutsy and went with goat curry.  I wasn’t disappointed, it was all very good and I could eat that again!  After dinner we went back to my house and snuggled on the love seat near the tree again.  With him rubbing my head while being wrapped up in his arms, I drifted off to sleep a bit feeling so peaceful and happy.   I am either going to be in for a world of hurt or the best thing that ever happened to me, because that man has my heart wrapped around his little finger.

Today I got up and went to Sunday School and morning worship, and was so glad!   Once again a great lesson and message!  I then came home and munched on home made granola from Jane and started reading a book Dan bought for me, The Way Back To God, through Psalm 51.  He wrote a note inside the cover that just means the world to me.   I love them, they are such awesome friends and I so appreciate their love and prayers right now. It is so good to be back there again, where it feels like home.  Jane quizzed me on my progress memorizing Psalm 103 and I really need to get on that. No reason not to be adding several verses a day  to my memory, it is not that long and is one of my all time favorites.

This  afternoon my baby girl came to see me and go shopping.  It is hard to shop for her for clothes, her taste varies so much and I’m never sure what she will like. So today she came along and picked some things.  She ended up picking a few clothing items,  then ended up with other stuff unrelated to attire.  But she is so cute and loves the whole shopping and being spoiled, which makes it so much fun to take her along.  After we had enough of the shopping experience we stopped for dinner (gee can you guess where? Like maybe  Chipotle?) and then I dropped her at the boyfriend’s house.  Oh, but not before we went to Petsmart so she could buy presents for her dogs, because they of course are aware it is Christmas, according to her, and would be disappointed of Santa passed them by.  20 years old with the heart of a child, I love that part of  her.

Now I am sitting here listening to my WoodWick candle (I LOVE those things), smelling the Cinnamon Sugar Cookie aroma from it and enjoying my new jammies.  I couldn’t resist them, my addiction to pajamas and there they were, all cute and on sale.  🙂   I have laundry in (again, the never ending task), and enjoying a cup of coffee and cocoa.  I cannot wait for  Christmas, 3 days of fun with my family that I so very much love, and a visit or two from Mr. TSASA.  My life is SO very blessed and full of joy!!  I love being me! 🙂


  1. I agree Marti! This is absolutely the most wonderful time of the year:) So happy for you on so many levels! You deserve everything that’s happening for you these days. Merriest of Christmases (sp?) to you and your loved ones!

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