Day 7 – A Photo That Makes Me Happy

All About Me In 30 Days – Day 7

This is one of those topics in the All About Me series that is difficult.  I have a LOT of photos that make me happy.  So, I refuse to pick just one because I’m like that, incorrigible to a fault, I just have to do things MY way.  🙂

So here are a few photos that make me happy and a brief explanation as to why.

This is my Charlie Brown Christmas tree sitting on my dresser in my room.  Charlie Brown Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas shows and I just thought it was a hoot when someone decided to market the tree.  My sister bought it for me and those are the reasons why this photo makes me happy.


The family room at the Diva Den.  It makes me happy when I see this photo because this house is so full of fun, laughter and love.  I love having a fire place and I LOVE Christmas.  It is SO wonderful to be in a home where everyone just loves the holidays.  We have lots of elves in this house but not a single Scrooge.


This picture makes me happy because it is typically where I find my cat, Pixel, in places she knows she should NOT be.  This was taken this Fall when I went in my room in the morning after getting coffee and found her sitting on the dresser.  She likes to get up there and knock things off the dresser when I’m sleeping in the morning if she feels it is way past the time for me to be awake.  She has learned this method is effective, it gets a response and I finally give up and get out of bed.


And this photo always makes me smile because one of Pixel’s favorite games is peek-a-boo. She gets in between the 10 (yes 10) pillows on my bed and hides.  She thinks I cannot see her peeking out between the pillows waiting for me to get close, then she reaches out a paw and quickly pokes me and vanishes back between them.  She thinks she is so stealthy!  It IS a fun game and she is so playful that it makes me happy when I see it, reminding me when all else fails, the cat loves me!


  1. I’m also stopping in from the LBS~congrats on being featured! You have a lovely blog here! This is so crazy but your family room looks EXACTLY like the family room in my parent’s house. The furniture is even arranged in the same way.

    Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2011 🙂

  2. Hello fellow lady blogger! Congrats on being featured. Each of your photos made me smile. We go bonkers for Xmas in our house too and my last post actually ranks the “Top Ten Things I Love About Christmas”. You can check it out here if you like:
    We have a cat as well and regularly exploit him on my blog for the public’s amusement.
    Your home sounds like a fun place to be. Have a Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks! We have 2 trees up, one in the living room and one in the family room. Thinking next year we’ll put one up in the dinning room too, we love Christmas!

  3. your blog is super dooper amazing… I love everything about it.. I’ve browse a little… and I find everything interesting..!! Congratulation for being featured in LBS today!! 🙂

  4. I watched Charlie Brown the other night with my 3-legged Australian Shepherd sitting in my lap. He kept tilting his head when the adults “wonked,” like he was trying to understand what they were saying.

    Congratulations on your LBS day! I hope you have a great Christmas!

  5. I love your pics as they could all be mine. The CB Tree is adorable and I’ve already watched the special five times this holiday season. Your living room is so warm and your sweet mischievous playful kitty reminds me of my old cat. So cute! Merry Christmas! (LBS)

  6. Stopping by from LBS. I love the pictures of your cat! I used to have a cat that would do the same thing. I am normally more of a dog person, but I do miss her playfulness.
    Have a great day!

    • I was a dog person and a cat hater…then they reformed me when they got me the kitten for my birthday 🙂

  7. Stopping by from the LB site. Congrats on your feature day! 🙂
    I love the picture of your living area with the tree and so forth. It’s beautiful!

  8. Saying HI from LBS. I love your cat!! And that Charlie Brown Tree…I almost bought one myself. If they are on clearance after Christmas I will buy one for sure!!

    Happy Holiday!!

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