Ah winter in the greater Cincinnati area, ya gotta love it.  Snow happens in winter, and it happens HERE.  Usually not a lot by some standards, we typically can see snow falls of 1-6 inches.  Once in a grand while we see 13 or 14 inch snows but that is the exception rather than the norm.

Nothing says ‘OMG PANIC’ in this area like a snowfall.  The local media will begin covering the impending doom of white death days ahead when it is just a forecast of a POSSIBLE snow fall.  The day before the snowpocolypse hits the grocery stores are packed full of people buying french toast supplies.  At least that is what I assume they are, what else would one make when snowed in with large quantities of bread, milk and eggs?  Seriously, a friend tweeted a pic of a local store’s bread aisle that was wiped clean of even the buns last year when a ‘big snow’ was due in the over  night.  It is ridiculous, they don’t even buy powdered sugar or syrup, just what kind of french toast can it be without the sweet stuff to put on top??? THAT might be cause for a panic attack.

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The news channels began wall to wall coverage of the stuff as the first flakes moved into the area.  Tweets and Facebook status updates that snow had arrived in this or that section of the county.  The president of the United States couldn’t get that kind of coverage in this area if he tripped and fell in someone’s pond while out pushing for support of _________ (insert favorite cause).   For the next 3  hours of news, we won’t know if the world has come to an end because here in the Queen City it has snowed, and is still snowing.

I just really do not understand this.  Yes, it is snowing, BECAUSE IT IS WINTER, PEOPLE! In this part of the nation winter = snow!  Yes roads will be difficult to travel at times, big deal.  Slow down or stay home.  I don’t go until the plows come through.  I am one of the few folks I know that doesn’t even have front wheel drive.  I just give up and stay home with my coffee and Snuggie or I wait  until the roads are cleared and I go to work late.  Why yes, we DO clear the roads here, we have SNOW PLOWS!!  You’d think that folks would be trapped for the rest of the winter (which it isn’t even officially winter until 12/21) the way people are reacting at the stores and on the news.  But no, we won’t be trapped.  In fact within an hour or so of the final flake drifting to the ground from the clouds above, the plows will have a good portion of the main roads cleaned off and treated and life will return to mostly normal.  Except for the media that will continue to milk out this tale of gloom and white doom for the rest of the day.  They’ll interview folks looking for horror stories of travel, ask for your snow fall amounts and photos from your back yard, and when all else fails try for some film of stranded travelers at the airport.  Completely pathetic.  One station refers to the amounts like dusting, or shoveler.  I swear!

If we lived in Miami, Florida, and 2-4 inches of snow had fallen over night, then perhaps that would be news.  I am not certain they have window scrapers for their cars that far south, or would even know what they look like or how to use them (hint to you southerners – your drivers license or a credit card doubles as a scrapper for frost on the glass!).  But this is OHIO, we get snow in winter! This is NOT NEWS people!  Someone even used the hash  tag #snowpocolypse on Twitter last night so I had to adopt that one, too funny.

Off to get more coffee, Chicken Littles, THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!

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  1. I blame the media. I have a friend who works for a local station and FBed the other day that he was searching thru their graphics the other day for one for this winter storm. He was expressing frustration that he couldn’t find ONE graphic in their existing image archives that he didn’t consider “fearmongery” (his word). They do it on purpose to drive up ratings (who’s not gonna watch coverage of “Blizzard 2010”?), and unfortunately the majority of our society is too programmed to believe everything they see on TV.

    • Sadly that is so true. I wonder if the media gets kick backs from the grocery chains for driving up their business too?

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