Choosing My Last Meal

“You can choose your last meal. What would the menu consist of?”

This is the writing prompt for the Lady Bloggers Society Wednesday link up.  I’ve been pondering it for the past few days, what would I choose for my last meal?  It is difficult to do because I love to eat, and have so many ‘favorite’ dishes.  The more I considered it the more I realized it wasn’t just the food that I’d want to choose but who I shared it with and how!  So I’m taking a bit of creative liberty with the subject, since it wasn’t specified, and assume I get to choose all aspects of my last meal.

If I were blessed to know such a thing as when my last meal would be, I’d plan it this way.  I’d want it at home, as I very much love my house.  It is my dream home without a doubt, all spacious and warm inside.  I’d put out an open invitation to all my relatives, friends and even just acquaintances, to come and attend this event.  I’d ask them to bring along a memory to share about a time we had together, one that stands out above the others, something for our hearts to dine upon.  I’d then ask that if food had been a part of the memory, they bring that dish along to share.  If food had not been associated with that memory, then to bring along one of their favorite dishes, desserts or appetizers to share.

There would be no sitting down to a formal table setting, as this is just not my style.  I’d want everyone to be able to be lounging in comfort as we grazed the food and shared.  I picture in my mind folks on couches and chairs, or the floor or counter tops even, wherever they felt comfy to plant themselves. And tables all over the house with lots of good foods.

Music would also be important!  I’d want everyone to bring along a favorite song or two that could be played in the background.  I’d want them to share why those selections were made so I might learn one last, special thing about them before leaving this world.

Of my Christian friends/family members, I’d want a favorite verse or passage, and why that was selected as well.

For me it would be a LONG meal, stretching over a full day with a menu of sharing  food, music, scripture and memories, all from the hearts of those that in some way are connected to my life.  A happy time of sharing and remembering. To me that would be the perfect last meal.




  1. Great idea for the meal. … in fact very similar to mine. Our only difference would that we’d all be playing instruments and singing…but it would be just as joyful. I really enjoyed this prompt too.

    Visiting from LBS

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