Weekend Wrap Up…

This past week was a tad crazy to say the least.  Tuesday the big boss  in Columbus let me know that it was time to shut down the office for the winter as work has dropped way off.  Friday was to be the last day in operation for the office to be open, which meant being out of work for winter.  This was not good news but then again it was not unexpected as hours had already been cut and I scheduled all production for Cincinnati and Dayton so I knew it was about that time.

This job was perfect as it really was a transitional and temporary thing and it timed out to carry me through from finding out Grumpy Dwarf wanted out of the marriage and through to the end of the divorce and then beyond some months.  It was a job that gave me plenty to do but also gave me a lot of  solitude.  This was  not bad thing  considering the mental and emotional train wreck that I was, when I needed a good cry while  I worked, no one saw but me.

But the time was here  now to find something more stable and hopefully permanent and also something at a faster pace.  I am well past the divorce and the drama is behind  me.  Tuesday  evening I began my quest for a new job and by Friday had two  options.  Funny thing, I did not take the one with the higher financial potential.  Call me stupid if you wish, but I follow my gut instinct and my gut told me that the  one I have chosen is the right fit.  It is  close to home (6.5 miles) and I just feel like there is a good  chemistry between me and the new boss.  I start Monday and cannot wait to get in there and get learning.  I’ll be honest, I HATE learning a new job because I am not able to perform at my best until I learn the position.  But soon I will have the ropes down and that will mean I am ready to get in there and prove myself.

Saturday we added a new addition to the Diva Den,  little Miss Ditzy.  Diva Sarah wanted a kitten and upon meeting this adorable little 8 week old fur ball she had to have her.  She is TOO cute and photos will be forthcoming!  The other two cats were less than thrilled, but Pixel has softened up and  been caught grooming Ditzy’s head and playing with her.  Noel will get there, she is the top cat in the house and not yet approving of the addition.

I found out my daughter will be spending the night on Christmas Eve and waking up to open presents on Christmas morning with me, and that just made my weekend!!!  So much has changed in my life and I miss her so much now that I no longer live with her.  I really do still have some bitterness toward her dad for putting me in a position that I no longer get to share in her life on a daily basis.  It may seem selfish but I’m very glad he will be on duty at the fire house and she will be at the Princess Palace! 🙂  His Scroogie ass hates the holidays any way and was always like a little black rain cloud over the day so I am thrilled  she will be with us.

I  really do not care for the time change, it messes with me for about a week.  My body says it is 9:37 and I should be getting ready to sleep.  I do plan to crawl in my bed here shortly but the early darkness now setting in  makes me even more tired.  UGH

These hot flashes  must be more than a passing thing.  Between them and the night sweats most days are turning into a total waste of makeup!  And I am just miserable when they hit.  Wondering what wonderful things I can do, eat etc without medication to make this more bearable?  If you know of things please share!

Okay, time to get the electric blanket turned on so my bed is nice and warm, get the contacts out and get ready for work tomorrow.  My pillows are calling me!!!!


  1. I use freshly-ground flaxmeal and have almost no symptoms. I sprinkle it on my peanut butter toast in the morning, stir it into oatmeal, add it to spaghetti sauce just before serving, etc. About 2 tbsp a day. I also drink a glass of soy milk most days. You might want to look into Black Cohosh for the flashes. Lots of my friends use it. Also google “vegan menopause” for more information about estrogen-free solutions.

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